Rafa’s last chance to play on Centre Court at Roland Garros, more unranked players in Olympic tennis.

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Regarding tennis at the Olympics, I’ll always remember Monica Puig winning a gold medal in the women’s singles a few editions back. It might have been in Rio. Monica farking Puig.

Made her a national hero too because she became the first Puerto Rican to ever win a Gold medal.

You could have got 100-1

nah. The Olympics are very important for cyclists. Riders plan their calendar around the Olympics.

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But GT wins count for more than an Olympic medal for incomes in sport, including sponsors.
Track at the velodrome was more central in the Olympics than road

Now, thanks to India, IOC has a new stream of revenue in cricket, formerly condemned to the Commonwealth Games.

Track is still an important part of road cycling as is cyclocross and mountain biking. There are riders in the male and female peleton who are skipping the TDF for the Olympics. For example Lotte Kopecky the womens RR champion is forgoing the TDF Femmes to ride track at the Olympics. Sponsors still get recognition from an Olympic champion.

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The TDFF is the poor relation of the TDF and doesn’t attract the same sponsorship. Perhaps for a female cyclist an Olympic or World medal competing under a national flag gives more publicity and attracts more sponsorship for the individual ?
Does the scheduling of the TDFF cut into Olympics time more than the TDF ?

You can’t seem to understand that being an Olympian is important for many in the road cycling community. Riders tailor their 2024 around the Olympics. Some will use the TDF as a prep race, while others particularly those who ride track will ride a program that suits their needs. For example, Tom Pidcock the reigning Mountain bike Olympics champion, is riding a mountain bike event on Sunday six days before the start of the TDF.

The TDFF is three weeks later than normal and is immediately after the Olympics, hence, why some cyclists are missing the TDFF. Winning gold at the Olympics will undoubtedly help some cyclists to attract sponsorships, but, at the end of the day, there are some cyclists who prioritise the Olympics over the TDF or TDFF.

That last part isn’t really true. Rule 40 prevents so much commercial activity pre- and post-olympics, it’s not funny. Unless it’s a sponsor which is also an Olympic sponsor…

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It can be appealed to the Athletes Integrity Unit ( read Clothier and Howman). Who would appeal, would it be WADA?

I’d be more concerned about Pork Rolls from the bakery being pumped up with steroids

I believe Trenbolone is pretty widely used to improve feed efficiency in cattle (as well as increase growth/weight gain) in the States. Pretty sure we use it in Australia too. There can be residual hormone pass into the food - so I’d be interested to see what levels his results were. Would be a concern if he was deliberately using it regularly - side effects include higher risk of prostate cancer.

Normally I’d be quite skeptical of the whole “it must have been in my food” defense, but this seems legit - it was out of competition testing, and the food from the bakery was tested (assume it was positive).

Hormonal growth promotants (HGP) are widely used in cattle raising in the US ( also used in Australia) yet the EU bans them on human health grounds.
Hormones are on the WADA banned list as anabolic agents.

Womens 1500m team will be interesting will be announced end of June.

jess hull (1500m AR)
Linden Hall (previous 1500m AR)
Georgia Griffiths (3000m AR)
Abby Caldwell (1000m AR)
Sarah billings

only 3 spots

do any of them have babies?


Hideously deformed ones, yes.


England loses an Olympic medal.
Fantastic outcome.


That Olympic Gold Medal for France in the 1956 marathon needs to be reassigned to Algeria. Mimoun was Algerian.