Announced Retirements and Delistings, List spots and Picks 2018 edition - The grass on the other side isn't Green

This is the 2018 edition for announced retirements and delistings. Please keep any discussions centered around the guys who are officially leaving, and not around who might leave, or who you think should leave.

This is meant to be a list of players who have officially left, are delisted, or re-signed. I’ll try and keep it updated so people know what has happened and our current state of play with list spots. As I know I don’t always keep track of every player’s thread on the main forum.

The official list is here: Retirements, Delistings, Trades
A thread covering the rules of the offseason is here: Baby’s first trade and draft period


Brendan Goddard
Jackson Merrett
Josh Green
Travis Colyer
Matthew Dea

Traded/FA in
Dylan Shiel

Promoted Rookies
Shaun McKernan

Moved to Cat A Rookie List

Moved to Cat B Rookie List
Ben McNiece

Confirmed available list spots
Senior: 4
Rookie (Cat A): 2
Rookie (Cat B): 1

Draft Picks
See all teams here: All teams current draft picks
ND picks: #34, #66, #84, #102
Rookie picks: #8, #26,

List management and drafting rules:

  • All teams must use three picks in the national draft.
  • A rookie player being promoted to the senior squad counts as a national draft pick.
  • A player can only spend 3 straight years on the rookie list before they must be either promoted or delisted. None of our current rookies have reached this limit.
  • Rookie players can be on individual contracts which include multiple years and payment higher than rookie rates. Standard rookies can be selected at any time. Therefore, Smack and Draper can stay on the rookie list but still receive higher compo.
  • We are currently running a standard list of 40 senior players and 4 rookies.
  • Jake Long is a senior listed player
  • Ben McNiece is a standard (Cat A) rookie
  • Lavender is a Cat B rookie, our only one.
  • Because I have to say it everywhere - a team can trade out their 2019 first round pick as long as they will have used 2 first rounders across 2015 to 2018. Full stop. Even if it means they won’t be able to make the requirement in 2019 around 2 in 4 years of first rounders.

See the contracts thread at the top of the board to see who is at risk and uncontracted. It is here if you don’t have it pinned. If you don’t, you can pin it when you click on it. Players currently out of contract are:

All done.



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Is this the thread for everyone else’s delistings?

Will everyone who wanted Hartung 12 months ago still want him?

Other delistings
Crows: Jarman, Edwards, Dear
StK: Freeman
North: Hartung, Williams, Nielsen, (Jeffries, Junker, Narrier)
Port: Toumpas, Irra
GCS: Barlow, Spencer, Willis (Jaska)
WBD: Collins, (Mullenberger-McHugh), Smith and Biggs Retired

I’m sure there are more

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Reckon Barlow’s incredibly stiff.

For a side lacking leaders/experience bodies you would think he’s one of the first guys you’d want to hang around for another year. Didn’t do to bad picking up 35 touches in his last game either


Surprised freeman got the chop at the saints after finally getting his body right. You’d think they’d give him another 12 months


Very harsh by the saints considering the time they invested in him, would think he’s a chance to get rookied somewhere

It was aimed at being a resource so people know what the state of the list is and some of the rules. Happy for other delisting to be discussed, I just won’t add them to the top post.

I’m surprised Jarman was cut. I thought he was meant to be good.

I’ll make a topic

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Jarman was never any good. Didn’t do much at underage level and was average in the SANFL. Edwards on the other hand was a very impressive junior who I thought could have made it.

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What about Shaun McKernan, I thought he still hasn’t re-signed?


Oops. Didn’t copy the rookies over.

Added Green in.

Junker by name, Junker by nature.

That’s presuming age = leadership.
For all we know Barlow is a terrible leader.

That probably explains why we took Hardingham ahead of Barlow in the PSD even though Hardingham was training at Freo and Barlow was training with us.

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Nah, I reckon they just cocked that one up.

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Cheers mate for keeping this up-to-date.

Can you remove Green from the uncontracted list down the bottom of the opening post as well. While technically correct, probably not in the spirit of the uncontracted list anymore.

Jimmy & Lav can also be removed from the out-of-contract list. Cheers.

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Actually, Freo had an earlier pick than us, so them picking Barlow before we did probably has more to do with it.