Announced Retirements and Delistings, List spots and Picks 2018 edition - The grass on the other side isn't Green


Pesky detail


And my suspicion was that Harves just wanted to put one over on us.


Not quite. They took Barlow before us in the rookie draft, but we used a PSD pick on Hardingham. So we could have taken Barlow. But given Hardingham was from East Fremantle we may have been grabbing him before the WA clubs could, and thinking we could pick Barlow up later.

Or maybe we never planned to take Barlow. :man_shrugging:




I find it interesting that there’s been no announcement on Leuenberger yet. I would have thought it’s a simple one. If he wants to play on, give him another year…otherwise he’ll just retire.


I wonder if the latest calf strain has complicated the decision somewhat?

He was in some good form in the 2’s, then another injury.
Club and player probably weighing up whether his body can do another 12 months.


id hazard a guess that hes going for one more year considering hes gone in for surgery


The problem with Leuenberger is that he’s incredibly fragile. He’s 30 years old and he’s managed 137 games in 11 years. Some ruckmen have their best years from about 28 onwards, but Leuey doesn’t seem to be any more durable now than when he was a kid. We really needed him against Port and he lasted half the game.


That’s a bit tough. Leuy played most matches across 2016 to 2018 for us at either AFL or VFL level. I don’t think he’s missed too many to injury at all actually.


I’m hoping Draper really comes on. He was dominant in the VFL final last week and he’s got all the size and strength you need.


He’s played 137 senior AFL games, but he’s played a lot more football than just that.
He’s also barely missed more than a few weeks in a row with us


Same draft as J Selwood who’s passed 250, hasn’t he?


Same draft as Gumby and Lachie Hansen…oh hang on…

Stupid super drafts…


Mcnernan just re-signed for 2


Updated the first post. Nothing in the EFC article on whether he’ll stay on the rookie list or not. Has to be promoted either this year or next.


Current state of play is that we have delisted Goddard, Merret and Green, but upgraded McKernan (acc to apparently).

So, 2 spots on the main list now available, one on the rookie list.
You have to draft 3 to the main list, so one more spot at least has to be freed up.
All this subject to any trades in or out. No trades out are looking likely, so any trades in (Shiel?, Setterfield?) would take a main list spot, and necessitate a further delisting.


I’m pretty sure rookie upgrades to the main list count as one of the 3 list changes


I’d like a link to that as the main article on the site doesn’t mention it one way or another.


Second paragraph in the article on


Not in the “McKernan pens new deal” one. I’ll go looking to see if they have a second article.

Edit: Found it. Will update top post.