Another Mass Shooting, (Just Another Day) in America

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How much does a gun cost?

Edit: I just googled it, they cost approx $500

I did, then we got stuck due a police operation at the next station…I got alittle nervous.


Would have been nice to see him wrestled to the ground and some sense slapped into him.
Edit : not that I condone violence :no_mouth:

I got a great demo of a Glock 18 at a ■■■■■ Sorting Goods store in Houston pre- COVID . It came in a lovely wooden case with a 19 shot capacity, and also a spare magazine of 33 shots which can be fired in about 2 seconds !

It was on special for Mothers Day Sale at US$499 including free holster, about 50 different types.

For an extra US$39.99, I could get a silencer, so I could practice in the backyard or shoot random people without the bother of much noise.

I could have purchased it then and there, showing my passport and Hotel address.


What a great deal, it’s almost too good to pass up!

Condolences @theDJR that is awful.


Getting off topic a bit but (apart from gun access) isn’t bullying only part of the story? What about fostering a would-be shooter’s resilience and empathy for their victims and families?

Basically humans are cruel creatures and particularly so in their childhood - So much bullying occurs within education settings, but it’s never taken seriously enough by authorities because the brand of the school/college is more important than the suffering individual - You mention the shooters resistance and empathy, but prolonged bullying can make some break some people’s resistance, and of course empathy is a two way street - Get bullied enough and this can lead to the odd catastrophic event .

Part of the story, two-way street- I think we are agreed on that point. As to humans being basically cruel, I am not so sure about that one.

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I don’t agree with your first comment. If it was correct we wouldn’t have societies and communities, that, for the most part, work.


Some humans can be very cruel, but it is rare. Cruel kids learn the behaviour.


3 year olds packing heat and taking out the trash


3 dead ( including a security guard) and multiple wounded at a Kansas City bar following the end of a rapper’s performance

A good toddler with a gun gets a bad guy with a gun.


Because people find ways to cope with the cruelty of humans - To broaden the discussion about human cruelty beyond childhood skirmishes and the day-to-day minutaie of life, we only have to look at wars, political decisions, etc,etc,etc - Look at the widely discussed Robodebt issue - Are you arguing there were not elements of cruelty in these decisions - Or even look at the abuse hurled at people in Bomber Blitz threads - Some can’t tell the forest from the trees.

The bullying certainly doesn’t stop at the end of school that’s for sure. Pretty much every workplace I have been in I’ve witnessed some form of it.


Was just watching a US show with an ER scenario and I got to wondering about shooting victims being taken to ER and who pays for their care. Apparently the victim pays. If they don’t have private cover, then the hospital is only obliged to stabilise the patient. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. Costs vary from $5k - $100,000k depending on the severity of the injury. I heard that thoughts and prayers really help.

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The US is completely broken.


Well, if someone else, like the state, pays, that’s just Communism. Everyone knows that.

Christian country, my arse!