Anti - umpire people power

I cannot believe how restrained our players are with the corruption that they put up with every week.

Our president and ceo sit by and watch this bullshit without any objection

When will us supporters stand up for our players and club against the corruption


Yawn …


So you are content with the umpiring?

The umpiring was pretty bad. But, in the 2nd and 3rd quarters we did give away a lot of silly free kicks.


i am drained simply by watching it. I don’t know how the players managed tonight to not only put up with it and live through it, but continue to function and withold WC continued attack cos of it.

there was a patch where they justed paid a free anytime we kicked it out of defence.

absolute corruption at it’s finest, no doubt sanctioned by the afl.


This has nothing to do with bias on essendon…

If you make it about the sheer fact anything interstate is automatically biased then you have a thread.

Essendon give away stupid free kicks, we did again tonight…just not 16 less than them and also not 15 less than them when we were up in every stat during 3rd quarter

technically they were there. but technically you could find a free kick in every contest.

the general consensus is, if you’re first the ball and contest you win more frees.

50-1 at one stage was the score so you’d assume we were on top of the play, and they were up almost 10 frees.

something is very dodgy about this game re the umpiring.


100% and it is getting worse and worse

We made all the play in the first half, were first to the ball 90% of the time, and yet it was 15-7 at half time

It’s not even the crowd, they were silent / gobsmacked

We are just the AFLs ■■■■■. The players and coach can’t do ■■■■, the ceo and president won’t rock the boat …


The general consensus is that if you mark the ball you should be paid a mark.



Absolutely. We were horribly ill disciplined. It would just be nice when they commit them they get paid also.

Yeah pretty baf english by poon there. Put it down to the wine.

Basically this thread stipulates essendon are hard done by…i say that tonight was about the west coast bias rather than essendon being hard done by

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Mmmm, really? That’s a big accusation.

Agree that the umpiring was ordinary – and I don’t usually comment on it – but it’s quite a long way from there to call it corruption. Any evidence to support that or just venting…?

What a sad ■■■■■■■ life you must have. Half of Blitz would prefer to whine about umpires instead of enjoying the win…


There’s been 15 posts from about 8 posters and 3 or 4 weren’t whinging about the umps.

Slight exaggeration?

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I don’t care about this at all.

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lol, go look at the game day threads. It began before the bounce of the ball…

Radical concept.

Seriously, this just makes the win even sweeter.