Anticipatory Chat - Bombers v Budgies - Thursday 21st June at Optus Stadium

I know we have the bye but it’s only 9 days until we next play over in the West against the Eagles. Just got my ticket sorted out today as I’ll be over in Perth for 2 weeks for my new job. I’ll be sitting in Section 145 (wing) ground level. Probably be struck amongst Budgies ferals.

Post your plans, etc here and see if we can have a bit of a BBlitz catch-up. I’m staying in East Perth so reasonably central for a post-game drink.

PS: Anyone else find it interesting how we always get the shortest possible break over the bye. Play on a Sunday, then our next game is on a Thursday Night in Perth. Coincidence? Yeah right!


I’m about 2-11 in my games in Perth against those ■■■■■■ so not bothering to waste my money anymore


Where’s the team. Is it in yet?

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Isn’t that a positive though ?

We had an extra day on Bris leading into last week’s game.
We’ll have a 10 day break leading into the Eagles, whilst they will have 6 coming back from Sydney.
Then a further 10 day break leading into the North game, which is handy after the Perth trip.

I’d say our fixture is perfect in that segment of games !


I will be heading over to Perth for the first time for this one. Going with absolutely zero expectations of a win but nevertheless very keen to go along for the ride and check out the new stadium.

Getting there Wednesday afternoon, heading home Sunday. Staying in the city centre.

I’ll be with my cousin who is a mad Eagles local but pm me @smooth and I’d be happy to catch up before or after the game.

Is @westozziebomber going to the game? I recall after the Freo shambles you said you were done but if you’re around catch up for bevs at THE CAMFIELD?


A miracle win would cancel out the Blues loss, but with Smith a likely out,just cant see it.

Yeah I can see us being dominated much in the same as the way Richmond got a hold of us

I mean with the right attitude maybe not. I will be applauding if we are up to our neck in it at half time.

wob’s always done, he’ll be there.


We’re gonna win.


I’ve just booked a flight and bought a ticket to get my nuts kicked.


I fly home to Perth on the 20th, but I’m only home until the Monday before coming back over here to Sydney. Even though the game is on my birthday, I just can’t see any way my missus is going to let me go given the short period of time I’m home for. I get home every 6 weeks or so, but only for 4 days or so at a time.





Il be there

The only reason I go is if we win and I’m not there, il never get over it


Hmmm, after 10 wins the Eagles are due for a loss and they play the Swans in Sydney this weekend. If they lose, the Eagles will come out on the 21st all fired up, super keen to get back on the winners list. This game has the potential to get very ugly for the Bombers. Here’s hoping our midfield stands up to the intense heat

I didn’t think about that. Every chance they will lose to Swans at the SCG and be ■■■■■■ off and take it out on us. Almost hope they beat the Swans and then turn up for an ‘easy’ game against us at home and don’t take us as seriously as they should,

See what happens.

It won’t make an ounce of difference whether the eagles win or lose in Sydney. They are a good team in good form and should have our measure regardless, especially in Perth.

I do agree that it has the potential to get very ugly for us with the way we travel and the respective fortunes of the teams this year.

It will if they “lose” players though. whistle

Win or lose, lets just hope they smack the living suitcase out of each other, and the WE end up getting a few broken, … and many more bruised and sore. devil

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Really crappy fixturing as the only way to get to the new stadium is by public transport…game starts at 6.10 (from memory) and so it’s virtually impossible to get there for the start of the game from where I work.

But as usual, the AFL don’t care about the spectators as long as people watch on TV

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ffs we have to wear our clash jumper for this game.
how the hell does red and black clash with blue and yellow?