Anticipatory Chat - Bombers v Budgies - Thursday 21st June at Optus Stadium


Its got the air of Christians going to the Colosseum.

Hopefully we can limit the damage, but maybe , just maybe the recent complaints about umpire bias in Perth will make them less susceptible to crowd influence. Again its not about the number of frees, but where they are given.



Team: Bombers v Weagles

There will be plenty who will rubbish these selection. Good on you.

Ambrose (if fit) Hooker Hurley
Saad Francis McKenna
Redman Goddard Zerrett
Stewart Stringer Tippa
Fantasia Brown Baguley

Bellchambers Heppell McGrath

Guelfi Myers Langford Clarke

In: Francis, Clarke Ambrose Stewart

Out: McKernan Green Dea Smith (Injured)

Note: If Ambrose isn’t fit, Dea stays in.


I actually don’t mind that team. Smack has definitely gone off the boil since the Cats game. Reward Francis and Clarke for good VFL form. I desperately hope Dev is fit. The longer break leading into this game should help but still it’s a trip to Perth. I didn’t know but we have another 10 day break leading into the North game, so if he misses the Eagles match he would have had 3 weeks off. Probably err on the side of caution.


We’re fkg boned either way. Seriously, it’s gonna be ugly. We just scraped over the line against a team who’s won ONE game, and the side who played them over here recently and got flogged, just turned us over by 70 two weeks ago. We’ve won 9/37 in Perth. 2 of them came in one year. Sorry, but there’s just absolutely zero evidence we take Perth games seriously. We admit defeat before the game, we never, ever put in a effort like the Geelong game for example, over here.

Only positive is it’s only a 20 minute train ride home now than a hour, and il get to get drunk with me best mate and probably catch up with a few blitzers

If we win over here, it’d literally be the biggest mental hurdle overcome and probably a turning point in the club.


Really? Their home jumper is royal blue this year as opposed to the dark/navy they wore in 2016 when we had to wear a clash strip.

It will be the same as last year when we played them, so if the AFL think this is a clash they can get stuffed.



Would love to make a trip to Perth soon. My mate is one of the groundskeepers there, ripper bloke who loves a beer & haven’t seen him in ages. I know we’d get flogged but it’d be a great social event. Maybe next year.




I think there’s a rule that we, and all clubs, must wear the alt Guernsey X amount of times per year regardless of actual “Clash”, for the sake of getting it seen = SALES$$$$


Essentially 3 key position players and a slowish mid coming in for a key position, a mid size back, a quick mid and a forward pocket

Those ins and outs slow us up a lot.

(Particularly given we already have Myers in for Zaha).


Hoping WCE v SYD is a bruising encounter with a couple key WC injuries,but they just get up.


Why is everyone talking like Smith out is a foregone conclusion?



Did a calf.

Farmer not happy.


But is it actually confirmed or just rumour because he had it iced after the game?
Didn’t he play out the game?


Props to all those travelling, and you locals that show, for a likely bloodbath.


Going to be one of the top three worst umpired games of the year for us. Hopefully we put in a decent show despite this.


Iced after the game,and news filmed him coming from scan.
Nothing confirmed.


Didn’t see ch 7 news myself but apparently said the Smith news from the scan was not good



That gif never gets old !