Anticipatory Chat - Bombers v Budgies - Thursday 21st June at Optus Stadium


3 interstate games in 4 weeks! Great fixturing by the AFL, real fan friendly stuff that. Still 2 more interstate games too (5 in 13, that’s a lot) with the last 2 (Tiges, Port away) games of the season promising to be a real downer for supporters.

Eagles, North, Pies, Suns away, Freo, Swans, Hawks Saints, Tiges, Port away.

From that schedule 3-4 wins (Suns, Freo, Hawks, Saints) at most. North might be gettable? Leaving the Dons with 8-10 wins for the year which is a poor return given the list and influx of quality recruits last trade period.

John knows with that number of wins 2018 will be a bust which ultimately reflects poorly on him. He’s become quite animated in the box. Wonder why? He’s either feeling the pressure and / or is “more” (emotionally) invested? Wonder whether he’s coaching for his future (as some have suggested) beyond 2018? One thing is certain … another season of promise has amounted to nothing and supporters keep asking themselves, when are things going to change!?


No doubt we will go full Essington and defeat teams like Collingwood, North, Richmond, Sydney and lose to St.Kilda and Gold Coast or something daft like that. We need to win 7 from 10 to just make up the numbers and get tossed out in the first week of the finals. We haven’t had a great injury run, but we have been found out in terms of game plan and game day match intelligence. That must change next year and beyond if we are to get anywhere as a club.


I really really dislike that smug sniping Mitchell xxxx. Thanks for taking him down Greeny. Because “Mitchell never gets caught with the footy”


You are right, i kinda had in the back of my mind with all the expectation on this year it could turn out a massive fizzer, because… well, its us. But still probably not to this degree. I expected us to be top 6 minimum and i think woosha expected us to be well and truly contending.


Eagles, North, Pies, Suns away, Freo, Swans, Hawks Saints, Tiges, Port away.

WE are up against it if we lose to Eagles, I can see us dropping 3 in a row.

But if we beat Eagles, the confidence might give us a chance against North

Lid Off - W W L W W W W W W L 13W 9L Sneak into Finals
Lid On - L L L W W L L W L L 8 W 14 L finish around 12th-14th

regardless - How we perform against the better sides Eagles, Collingwood, Sydney & Richmond will determine our season.


Suprised the afl were so generous to make this a home game for us after our last 1482 games were up in sydney


IF we beat the eagles we’ll be as flat as a tack against North, nothing surer


North is a 8 point game as they are just ahead of us and in the 8.
If we can beat North, Hawks, Port, Pies, our destiny might even be in our hands somewhat as we are taking games off teams around us.

If we lose against Eagles and then North it is time to write season off and Blood more kids.


Win every game from here, and we should finish 4th, lid off!!!


Don’t do it to yourselves.


They’ll only be thinking like that for another week.
Then it will be which 20 blokes we should delist


If we win every game we will make finals
If we drop 1 game we should make finals
If we drop 2 games we might make finals
If we drop 3 games and have good percentage we are still a slight chance.
If we drop 4 or more games on run home we most likely won’t make finals. Due to I can’t see saints suns dogs blues winning many games.

I think it might take 14 wins or 13.5 if your gws to make finals.

Cats and pies have a pretty decent draw now they should finish off the year well.


The information you’re looking for is at:

(GWS are a 2/3 chance at 12.5 wins and 85% at 13 wins.)


They must be super busy.

That ground is harder than Docklands when it opened and injury city.

my understanding from WCE is they are working super hard to soften the turf asap!


Why are you fkn idiots talking finals?




Rebellions are built on hope.


Whilst I agree with the sentiment, given our fixture, it’s still very much possible IMO. Games against NM, Hawthorn, Collingwood, Port give us a chance to make up ground if we’re good enough to beat them. We also have very winnable matches against GC, Freo (Etihad) & Saints. Given there’s three tough games against WC, Richmond & Sydney (Etihad) it’s not beyond the realms. If we can pick up enough wins in the next 10 we will deserve a spot, if we can’t, we’re wasting everyone’s time.


I just want to see us finish the season strongly and show signs we’re improving (especially if there are youngsters in). Don’t care now if we don’t make finals. For so many years we’ve faded as the season has gone on.
It would actually be a positive if for once we were playing our best footy at the end.


I reckon a par finish is getting close to making finals. I cant see us doing it but we should strive to get close after a terrible first quarter of the season. The way I see it we need a minimum of 7 wins, but in reality we’ll probably get 5 if we are lucky
Im going as probable wins
suns dockers saints
50/50 possibilities
Roos, hawks

That means to get close we need those above, plus at least 2 upsets. We normally play well against Power, and we normally beat pies in the second game in recent times after losing anzac

12 wins may not even get in but if we were as good as expectations pre season with our list we should be able to win 7 on the way home. Probably depends on if we go full tank early