Any Blitzers Going to GWS Game?

Haven’t been able to spend much time on here the last few days, but I am going down to the GWS game and wondered if there are any other Blitzers attending.

Whereabouts are you sitting, or where is the best seating for watching at the Spotless Stadium? After not being able to get to the Lions game due to flooding I am looking forward to watching the boys go around.

I think we will see a marked improvement on last week and should give the Giants a run. BJ’s 300th and the poor team effort last week should be some fuel for the fire in the belly.


Any thoughts on best seating for the stadium?

Or are you snobbing it up in the boxes? :wink:

I’m in 251 - but Spotless is an awesome stadium - most seats are great there because it’s a baby stadium…

It’s a BOUTIQUE stadium.

Geez, get it right!

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I have a GA ticket, I’m guessing I can sit behind goals in the ‘away fans’ area

I’m heading up, GA as well. We usually sit a couple of bays around from our cheer squad

I’m heading up there too. Have purchased seats in aisle 248 but think we might wander around to the GA section & sit near the cheer squad.


We have a pretty big supporter base in Sydney so hopefully we can get some noise happening there.


I saw this on Twitter for anyone that way inclined…


Sit right on the wing, ground level imo, maybe a few rows back, I think it inclines quite quick. It’s actually a really good stadium for viewing. + short beer lines


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Going to the Sydney game. Hopefully they’ve put the cue in the rack by then. Will be my first Sydney AFL game, my first time at the SCG, and my first AFL game outside Victoria.

Hopefully we win.

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It’s a good ground for watching footy and will be their with bells on - Public transport after the game sucks.

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My brother currently lives about 20 minutes walk away, hence why I made the move to come up for the game!