ANZAC Day build up and changes Bombers. Top deck behind the goals. well bring the noise



feel so nervous
i hope we turn up today

We truly have the best.

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Why are we wearing the poppy sash? Just f*cking wear the home Guernsey as much as we can.
We wear that red abomination enough.

I’m already sick of Bruce.

Just got to my seat. Right behind the players bench!


Listening to the filth song. I farking hate these ■■■■■.

Richo’s freaking huge.

Joey channelling the messiah with the long-sleeve.

We are on.

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Donnington! Meds, stat!

The unchanged strip is gone.
I’m very, very, very, very happy we’re wearing the poppy sash.
I thought it was going to be the wizardly smoke sash, which I wouldn’t have been happy with at all.

Agree with you generally, not specifically.

Shaw covered a bit of it on his wordpress site this week.

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Its worn once a year im lead to believe and i personally love the design.


It’s our time now. Come on bombers

Also covered in one of the Crawford Hird podcasts.

Appreciate that, and I will read it later, but…and I hate to be difficult…I meant a visual one, with interviews.

Feel sorry for youe espicaslly if we are playing poorly haha

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