ANZAC Day build up and changes


Agreed. Or JD.

And don’t forget Mason Cox being there and splitting ruck duties who Smack wouldn’t get near

Belly is a must.


far out
I thought the discount system was gone???


Is it too late to upgrade to a ticket for a club member does anyone know? General public Allocation is exhausted and I thought that doesn’t include club members, but i cant upgrade.



Grundy would absolutely destroy Smack in the hitouts, giving them guaranteed first use, and putting us constantly on the back foot.


There’s always someone who’s way keener than they should be to get McKernan into the seniors


Agree but I’m more worried about Grundy beating Bellchambers around the ground Grundy plays like an extra mid.


Grundy has absolutely destroyed smack.


If anyone is selling a ticket I would love one.


had no idea tbh


Ambrose done for dangerous tackle in VFL. Won’t be an option for Anzac


We’ll need Belly at his best with regular chopouts from Joe and Stewart to just stay near Grundy’s output.

ILUVLAV so I want Lav in for Begs who can go back and get 20+ in the 2s. At some point Ambrose can replace Hartley, maybe v Ds.


Keep him cherry ripe for Melbourne


Fkn idiot Ambrose


yeah but remember when he buried hill and bomber went paddy ■■■■■■■ ambrose?


Too much WWE for Ambrose


A few days after you’ve done smack, you’ll destroy your Reg Grundies.


Hartley may stay to cover Cox leaving us with the same back line as this week. I know their forwards are smaller than Port so the mids are going to have to work their ■■■■ off. Could Begley keep up with Sidebottom all day? He always has a day out against us, as does Elliot. I know we don’t play a hard tag, but we didn’t play Hooker back two weeks ago!


Don’t think Elliot is playing got injured i think


These things will happen:

  • Sidebottom will kick 4 goals including the sealer early in the 4th
  • Joe Daniher will shank one massively out on the full when it counts
  • Stringer will drop a comically easy mark to jeers from filth fans
  • It will be wet as hell


Quite the optimist…