ANZAC Day build up and changes


Never forget the Friday night game against Goldstein. That had to have been a record for free kicks give away by a ruckman, well it felt like it anway.


the crowd was ■■■■■■■ feral that game too. he was 2 frees off being clapped off.


I’m not saying he’s an out-and-out superstar, but he’s our best option for all the guys too quick for Hooker/Hartley & too strong for Hurley or Gleeson.

I think the 3 we have in at the moment don’t cover a lot of different ground - we don’t really have a good match for the Stephenson /Bontempelli (when forward) / Gunston size.


Was there, probably would’ve preferred NLM in the ruck that night tbh


That was the first Friday night game, we played them again later in the season on a Friday night aswell.


6 free kicks against it was.

Felt like 15.


Same. But I reckon a draw might be on the cards


Not feeling confident at all. Standard ANZAC day beating. Stephenson to kick ten, Sidebottom for 40 touches and 4


I was at that game. Wanted to vomit my own intestine out my ■■■■ with frustration.


are the tickets to the game sold out already???


Any left overovers go sale thursday 9am


…turns around finger-twirling, and sees the look on everyone’s face … he realises he fresh-aired it…


That’s a fair bit of work just to get a headache…


I think it don’t matters if Sidebottom gets 40+.
I reckon Joe will have a day out against the filth and it was good to see him hit a bit of form against the tarps.

Faaark me though the poor caaarnt had 2-3 on him at every contest and that spud Westhoff ffs


Yeah, I like Ambrose on the stayers but I’m hoping down the track your Ridleys or Thatchers are the types that take that sort of spot.


Ugh. That would bite.


I’m the same. Just don’t have a good feeling about the game. Obviously hoping I’m wrong.


Oh yes it ■■■■■■■ does:D


Out Myers… just because everyone knows he never plays two good games in a row.


Yes that is what I said. Make it a rd 6 game with a 4 day break leading in, same for Collingwood, no advantage either side. Then a long break to recover for both teams before the next game.
As it is now, we have our long break before the Anzac Day game, and then a very short break against an opponent with 1 day longer break, then a 6 day break.
If there is to be a 4 day break, make it equal for the competing teams and follow it with a long break to recover.