ANZAC Day jumper 2016

As you all know, ANZAC Day is arguably the most important day on the Australian calendar and the tribute the AFL pays is respectful and most importantly, our club is one of the founders of such respect for the day (AFL-wise).

Whilst I love the jumper itself, I feel the enormous Fujitsu logo makes it look gawdy and kinda ruins it a little. Now I know we should be grateful the sponsors have stayed with us and it’s Australia’s favourite air (as a mandolin-wielding Tubby Taylor tells us) but it couldn’t it have been a little smaller? Or am I being overly pedantic?

The droop is back.

Looks fkn awesome

Looks fkn awesome

Agree! I will buy one tomorrow

To be honest I couldn’t care… Just for this year… If the entire jumper was one big sponsors logo… They’ve earned it.

What’s holding up the bottom half of the sash?

Just move the Fujitsu logo over to the left side of the jumper and it’d be perfect.

Looks fkn awesome

Agreed, I was upset that I missed out last year but I’m definitely getting one this year.

Still reckon the poppies look like bullet holes. Not that that’s not appropriate or fitting.

All of the logos look too big, but the sponsor one really stands out

Just move the Fujitsu logo over to the left side of the jumper and it'd be perfect.

It IS on the left side of the jumper - but I know what you meant! Move it to cover the AFL logo - good idea!

Not a fan of all the poppies, just one on the left shoulder would be enough IMO.

The sponsor logo to be smaller and the AFL logo to vanish. For a complete win.

I know it would probably be very difficult, but I’d really like if for an occasion such as this, there are no sponsors logos on the ANZAC Day jumpers. As much as I dislike Man Utd, on the 50th anniversary of the Munich disaster, Man Utd played Man City and both teams wore plain kits without any sponsors and it looked brilliant.

This is how the sash should be. ISC take note.

The droop is back.

Nope, that is not a droopy sagging sash…its still proud, tight, full chested, and crosses the heart.

This is what constitutes a droopy sash…the 09’’-10’’ sagging disgrace…
photo tighten-lethal-rd5-246g.jpg
Let us NOT FORGET this absolute abomination, and how it was ever passed in the first place. It’s no wonder i lost the plot over the sight of it, and raged until it was tightened up.
And credit where credit is due, because it was mighty impressive, that once it was articulated & brought to there attention, the club actually listened, and subsequently tightened up the sash from that 2011 year…Then BANG! the pride of Essendon returned full bore, and ever since, the club has enjoyed record jumper sales, and full on Sash awareness in marketing and slogans like ‘‘Don the Sash’’.
‘‘It crosses our heart and unites us all’’…and that is exactly what it must ALWAYS do.

Can we not have droopy sash =[

I like it. Larger Sash than last year from memory. I’m getting me one!

I don’t mind some of the patterns that get splashed around on jumpers for Indigenous Round, but it just doesn’t fit for Anzac Day.
I think it should be a lot more subtle (I.e. an Anzac emblem or seal to cover the AFL logo).

I think both the AFL and Fujitsu are way too big. Bigger than the ANZAC logo and that’s a problem. Nothing should be bigger or more important that the ANZAC logo on an ANZAC day jumper.