ANZAC Day Special Bombers v Pies 25/04/17 - pics not clicks from the interwebs

It is always good to see the officers mucking in with the enlisted and selling some ANZAC Day badges.

She knew it was coming!!

Bombers fans

Two fantastic leaders take the boys out on to the wet park for a warm up.

Then a quick change and back out for the real thing!

Dyson and Jobe ready to go.

Best of luck

Lest We Forget

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Dyson soaks up the atmosphere before the big game

Game face on.

Zaka is no stranger to rising to the occassion on ANZAC Day.

Back to the huddle after the toss

Let’s do this



First goal - right foot curled in from the left flank

The Pies had hit the front, so Danniher decided to take the lead back at the very next centre bounce by kicking a reply goal from inside the centre square after competing in the ruck contest!

Joey conducts the orchestra of awesomness as he kicks goals from everywhere.

Almost pulls it in.

Clunks this one

A 50m goal after a fend off to Treloar to seal the game.

The best way to celebrate that is with your best mate!

These two boys will drag us back up the ladder to our next success.

Stands on Elliot’s head to show him he isn’t the one doing the flying today. Some good spoiling and great chase downs against smaller players on the wing really highlighted his defensive efforts today. His ruck work was solid again and his increased strength and size are really noticeable.

Showed his cheeky side all game as he took it up to the Pies.

Play on!

Celebrates his quick kick inside 50 being marked, by Hooker, in the goal square. He had the most inside 50 kicks for the team and three goal assists to go along with his five goals. The bags are coming!


He and Walla combine to tackle to Treloar…Free kick!

Celebrates the goal after kicking truly from the free kick.

Always busting a gut in the contest

Applies a rear naked choke hold on Adams

Just gets ball to boot in the tackle

Game face is on as he comes up the race at half time.

Jobe - an early cut to the head saw him don the captain courageous look for the game.

Getting back to his bull like ways

Goldsack gets a fist in

Treloar tries to stop Jobe from getting the kick away.

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Razzle Dazzle

Goal after taking a mark from a clever kick off the ground from Walla.

Another goal for Raz!

And another!

Almost gets away

Applies defensive pressure to put off the kick


Goal! You could hear the Blitz groans of delight from up here! Great to see him on the end of a pass from Heppell and go back and slot the goal for the Bombers second of the match.

Darcy congratulates his draft mate on his goal. Great to have them playing together.

Just makes stuff happen, watch out for when his tank is bigger. His second efforts, quick hands and leap make him a handful all over the ground.

Josh picks up three goals, his first of many to come in the black and red.


Darcy was everywhere and played a fantastic game. His attack on the ball and contest is immense for a second year player.

He may be in the twilight of his career, but in the twilight of ANZAC day he showed why he is still a class player

Zac brought his own footy today and picked up over 30 touches once again, he just keeps on and on like the Energizer Bunny. He is ever reliable and pops up to get the ball and steady the team before directing the next attacking phase.

Baggers saved his best till the last quarter and was instrumental in stopping the Pies from going forward.

Colyer gets the ball away despite the flying leap from Goldsack. His speed once again proved a weapon. Watch out for when he has a dry track to burn up.


Goal with a left footed bender after a strong mark

Can he kick it from 50? ■■■■■■ oath!

Almost clunked this one.

Chest mark in the rain



Is there anyone on the ground who makes the crowd roar as much as Walla?

Pulls in the mark

Puts himself on the line to get the hard ball pick up

Fantastic run down tackle on H-E.



He was really good around the contest.

Applies a strong tackle to Pendlebury


Competed hard in the ruck.

Gets a nose bleed after bending over to get the ball

Hurls was back to some of his best footy. Playing on smalls and talls and beating them all.


Despite the dodgy moustache he played well again and is showing that he is a strong component of the back six.

Ben McNiece showed the tenacity and skills that got him elevated to debut on ANZAC Day.

Woosha encourages the boys to keep going


And the fat lady sings!

Jobe is pumped to get a win and looks “so courageous” with head bandage on.

Dyson with the down low

Zaka celebrates with Ben

Darcy shows how the cool kids do it

It’s toime!!

Toime to get back to where we should be.

The first of many cups that Dyson will proudly hold for this great club.

Winners are grinners!


Feel the burn Pies!

Jobe is embraced by the new kid on the block after a great win.

Darce and Dois enjoy a win

Great first game from debutant Ben McNiece

Joey was a deserving winner of the ANZAC medal

Yeah, nah, obviously it is great!

Dois carries the cup in to the room

Trav wants a closer look. “Hey, look! There is an upside down picture of me in the top!”

See the Bombers fly up, up! Franga and McNiece enjoy the refreshing sports drink dousing in the middle.


Buckley pointing out whose head is on the chopping block if they lose this game


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Fantastic Warlock, thank you and THANK YOU Bombers for making it a great day.:slight_smile:


Struth! Access all areas.

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love the shots. Great camera work and jealous of the day you must have had

Hadn’t clicked for me that Green and Burger would have played a lot together. Completely forgot.


you can tell how hard it is for worsfold to smile

Photo reminded me only one coach came prepared for the rain — and for once it was our coach!

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I love all of your pics, but the one above with Walla marking it is my fav. He is still, but he is moving. Always so much action with Walla.

Are you wayne ludbey??

These photos are incredible.

I want Green going the “Double Pythons” on my 2018 membership card.

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Thanks for the pics, great shots.
On another note looking at theses pics, being at the ground, and watching the replay, when did our jumpers become singlets? They seem to have larger scooped arms, scooped neck lines. Won’t be long before they are singlets. Awful.

Love these.
Thanks, WP.

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those poppy jumpers look great.