ANZAC Day - speculation and argument for changes vs Pies 2019


Live or pre-recorded…it’s all the same.
Meat loafs cooked
Alex Lloyd ate him
Kylie’s overseas…
Motley Crue/ Poison/ Def Leppard/ Skid Row
Would go off!


Unfortunately I have further bad news on this front.

I flew to Sydney for the GWS game, went to Marvel for the Saints loss missed the next three wins viewed from various Bali bars.

I’ve returned and will be attending Thursday.


Noooooooo…pretty sure we can all chip in and send you back :joy::joy:


Yep, spot on.
He kicked a total of 9 goals in the 2 games in 2017.
Maynard will be having night sweats !




And so how much time does it take for the average Blitzer to save up for Anzac Day tix?


Reject him…strict, like Johnny West.


Did we play Anzac Day Rd 16 last year?
■■■■ must have been 1 hell of a year.


Have I died & gone to heaven? :wink:


Ambroses teammates and coaches have been admiring his work for quite a few years now.

Thankfully Essendon supporters are starting to recognise that role players like Ambrose are super important to our fortunes.


Maybe given a good spray with a pressure hose @ Bunnings does them some good.
Ambrose and others appreciates that you and other supporters wash before the game :wink:


Doubt Bucks will bring in Greenwood for Shiel as he he preferred team defence for Neale.

Agree with Paddy for De Goey as DG will be too strong overhead for McK or Saad. Hooker to Cox. Have to not allow space for Cox and DG to lead into.


We need Mihocek to butcher the ball alot more like he did the other night.
Need Grundy to go down in the 1st 2 minutes.
Hooker to wear a glove around Cox.:joy::rofl::smile:
Nah…just play like we do and we’ll smash them!


Oh well this is just ■■■■■■■ dandy, isn’t it?

That Woosha thread is going to cop a pounding 5:30 Thursday


Yeah I’ll be jumping between the Woosha, Myersy and Zaka threads defending till all hours.


will all patrons please kindly stand for



Ambrose and Parish are quickly catching them in a nicely planned succession. And don’t forget Hurls and Hepp.


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage DJ JAKE BRADY


Run and gun is our thing. I think, this early in the season, is the perfect time to test if this is enough against the better teams.

So, more of the same… Zaka and Smith in for Ham and Parish/Guelf… pull the trigger, let’s have a shoot out with these tattooed feral methhead trash more used to shooting up.


Literally 3 weeks ago think about our mindset verse now - something something its never as good or bad as it seems, probably a lesson there for me to breathe, loving the comeback this season.

I reckon we’ll roll these ■■■■■■.

Our best 22 is pretty damn good.