ANZAC Day - speculation and argument for changes vs Pies 2019


In; Smith, Zaka, Lav
Out: Ham, Parish, Bags

Ham was good - really good for his first but unfortunately makes way for Zaka. Smith comes back in and Parish out on balance. Bags just hasn’t done enough the first 5 rounds and Lav needs another game like he did in Adelaide last round, last year…

Id also be happy with Smith and Zaka for Parish and Bags with Ham to play the Bags role…has been playing in defense early in the VFL


I’d be pretty ■■■■■■ off if Parish were dropped.


Pretty obvious changes if everyone is fit

Out - Baguley, love the bloke but is really struggling this year with hardly any tackles and goals, it’s time to make way

Ham - unlucky, but he was the late in and someone has to make way for Zaka/Smith

In - Smith and Zaharakis


Same. Or if anything, just some fancy (tattoo-type) military marching.


Yup, same. He stands up in big games.


I would not be surprised if we won. We may well have one of those games where it clicks and we win really well. You can see why that would happen given the way we play and importantly how we’ve played the last 3 weeks. We have been building very nicely and getting better.

But, Collingwood are a very good side with players who can really hurt you. And these are the type of games they lift for to knock off sides with high expectations.

Last year we won our next two games after round 8, and then got thrashed by Richmond in the Dreamtime game. This clash with Collingwood on Thursday has a similar scenario about it. Bad start and then turning it around. We did bounce back to win 5 of the next 6 games post dreamtime match before losing to Collingwood. And we did close the gap on Collingwood from an 8 goals loss from the ANZAC game to 16 pts for that 2nd encounter. Ditto for the second Richmond game.

So win or lose this Thursday, if last year’s form is a guide then a loss if not the end of the season, far from it. But a win, well a win would be a very encouraging sign for a better season.


Out: Ham, Guelfi
In: Smith, Zaharakis


Tough call to drop Guelfi- he applied fantastic pressure all game.


yep - I’d drop Baguley before Guelfi to bring in Smith


We had there measure late last year. But we where down 2 rotations for most of the day… And the most one sided disgraceful umpiring I had ever seen.
Bags, ham, parish out.
Smith, zacha, lav in.

An extra marking fwd would really stretch them down back. If it’s wet or windy I’d leave parish in, keep lav out.

Just hope we play well and the umpiring is fair.


Yep. I did ideally want Laverde in but to be realistic, I’d be happy for

In - Smith and Zaka
Out - Ham (I’m sure he’ll be brought in throughout the year) and Baguely.


I love Bags but while he harasses & chases, he probably has given away too many frees & not had enough disposals himself. I guess our smalls would rotate through the centre & forward pocket.


Gives away far too many free kicks when he is in the right position. He doesn’t have that forwards nouse and it hurts. Often all he has to do is put a small bump on an opponent except he tries to take a hanger


I like him too, and respect what he has achieved as a footballer and given to the club. While he may still put in a good game, it feels the game has become harder for him and hence he lapses into giving away too many frees trying to compete.


Apologies if this was already posted (couldn’t see it)


Not just pressure. He also ‘provided’ many great deliveries by hand and foot and tackles, and made great choices. He had a great game - in our top 10 at least. Dropping him would be a big shame and only if we really needed to. I doubt we will.



Look… it is not purely about the goals his opponents kick. It is about how many contests he was at, with his opponents, and how many of that he won.

When our midfield has dominated the last three games, there hasn’t been easy ball going into their forward line. So when you look at it from that point of view, maybe Francis or BZT could do the same job or better.

Paddy got 6 touches. That is really poor. Ziebell is getting ripped to bits for the same. Hurley killed him. That was purely due to our midfield dominance and pressure.


You actually want Ambrose out?