ANZAC Day - speculation and argument for changes vs Pies 2019


Much appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:


Everyone is short sighted. If our tall defense is Hooker, Hurley and Ambrose for the next 2-3 years, what happens to Francis and BZT? We lose them to other teams, and Hooker retires and Hurley not far behind.

Ambrose is not going to do the job alone. He is the weakest of the three, and not all-Australian level quality like Francis.

Right at this point, it has to be Hooker, Hurley and Francis. No other team is going to come for Ambrose, he can be depth.

If one of them injured then BZT comes in. We need to still keep an eye out for the future. We can’t turn a blind eye to it.

Even if we don’t win a premiership in the next 3 years, our midfield and forward is young enough to stay in the hunt. But when Hooker and Hurley slow down, we can’t just fall over the cliff without having a plan now.


The answer to the first part is simple.
All of them.

Note I’m not counting the couple where Sideshow ran all the way to the half back flank to get a kick, thereby stuffing up their forward structure. Paddy wasn’t on Sideshow when he got his two cheapies - one was outmarking Saad for instance.

Try mentioning that.
And you could mention that Paddy actually goaled as well.

Zerk is a year in the gym from being able to take big key forwards. And Francis is an exciting, free wheeling hippie- not a lock down defender.


I agree with what you are because I want those guys in also.

Not at the expense of Ambrose though.

Ben Brown is an endurance beast that makes multiple leads and doesn’t stop running all day. None of Hurley, Hooker or Francis could go with him.

Ambrose is incredibly disciplined as well. Hurley, Hooker and Francis back themselves in and leave their opponents.

Ambrose has a point of difference that none of our other defenders can provide and that’s why he’s always in the top handful picked each week.


Reckon Bags will survive one more week. Guelfi is even less a forward than he is a defender.

Laverde should claim that spot, but he’s always been good at beating up ■■■■ VFL sides. If he shows he can apply decent pressure at AFL standard, the spot will soon be his.


I’m looking forward to winning and everyone saying Collingwood we’re off the boil at the time.


Essendon have never won a game in their history because they were better on the day


When we win every game for the remainder of the season and the Grand Final the real test will be if we can go back to back.




Yep and why I stopped listening long ago to round up/reviews when we win/won.

It was always how/why the other team lost.



still love that lav just punches that saints dude in the head.


What makes you say that? He did quite well at Claremont when played up forward. This from a Claremont watcher:

He has some serious power in his legs, which allows him to break tackles thus buying him some time when moving through traffic. This power is also evident when he played up forward for Claremont as his overhead marking and leap made him a hard match up, where he managed 20 goals in 19 games off a forward flank. Without doubt Guelfi’s biggest strength in my mind is his right boot. Without exaggerating at all, he’s a 60m kick… He’s also pretty accurate with it too… Guelfi is also very much a team orientated player. He’s the type to block and shepherd for teammates and work hard defensively…”

Sounds like it’s worth trying him up forward to me.


I have ■■■■ on Ambrose in the past but he deserves to be in the team right now. De Goey (id chuck paddy on him) is the test to see if he can take us to where we want to be. As much as i love Francis the defence this past 2 weeks has seemed to be clicking well against 2 big key fowards in Hipwood and Ben Brown.

Gonna be a lot different to see with De Goey as the focal point as he gets around the ground and will make Paddy run all day long. Im worried/excited to see how this goes lol.


Those fcks will most likely bring in Greenwood to do a tagging job.

Hope we smash them.


I’m still on target with my projected wins/losses for the Bombers… but we can’t lose another game.


Haha. Cop that. Copped Joey’s **** to the back of the head and Lav from in front. Donnington’s wet dream.


He’s arguably the worst kick of any small/mid size player on our list.
May have D Clarke covered.


Love it!