ANZAC Day - speculation and argument for changes vs Pies 2019

I either dont watch football enough or I have a condition where I’m in a parallel universe to normal people. I reckon Guelfi and Ambrose are going ok and Baguley is struggling, yet that seems to be against what most others are saying.


Then it is yo to our AA mids to grow a pair and beat the tagger. Levi Greenwood should never be the difference between winning and losing, NEVER

Most draft watchers rated his kicking highly. Perhaps we haven’t seen the best of his kicking given he’s mostly played as a mid? (His disposal efficiency numbers aren’t too bad for a mid… better than Parish, Smith, Myers and Langford.)

A goal a game in a state league isn’t a huge endorsement for mine, but interesting to read!

What worries me is that he hasn’t shown a heap of forward nouse, fairly average on the set shot and not the most natural snap either. Not at all confident in his ability to outmark AFL standard defenders either.

I think he has a future as an AFL player, and is first cab off the rank if any of our outside mids miss a match. But our game plan rests on having genuine forward targets, it’s Bags or Lav at this stage.

To me, Ambrose is your old fashioned FB. As long as his opponent is kept to less than 2-3 shots at goal then he’s done his job. He doesn’t need to have 6 R50s and 20 touches and 5 intercept marks, that’s what Hooker and Hurley are there for


Yea, those open handers can really sting.

Nope, I reckon you’ve got it just about right at the moment.

Wouldn’t be rushing Laverde in, as we will probably have a few forced/rested changes the following week against Geelong. Zaka and Smith will be two obvious returns but even there I’d be cautious with them.

Be interested to see how Tippa pulls up after already being sore and copping another knock. Played the game out well but knocks like that can be things that hurt more once cooled down.

OUT: Hams, Bags (or ANY sore player ffs)
IN: Zaka and Smith

I thought Dyson gave an interesting interview straight after the game on Good Friday. Didn’t seem that excited, wasn’t ahead of himself and was pretty coy about ANZAC Day being a “big one”. I feel like we’ve set ourselves a bit.


Nup. I love the guy, but Bags’ form has been poor.


Suspect majority are with you.

Yeh but majorities suck. They can’t even manage to rule the average democracy.

Daniel wells to come back in for he’s standard one game a farkin year ? Kicks 3 and has 20+. We’re due for a result on this day, just two changes for mine , smith/zaka in for ham who is stiff, and bags. Not sure who else come out? Need Myers big body this week and guelfi shouldn’t be going anywhere, best game almost for the club against the tin rattlers.

Ambrose, Myers, and Baguley are highly unlikely to be dropped. The coaches love 'em. They obviously perform their roles, as directed, very well.

Smith and Zaharakis are definitely coming back in. Unfortunately Ham is one who will obviously have to make way. But who’s the second?

Must be between Guelfi and Parish, either of whom’s departure will upset quite a few. Guelfi might be the most obvious of those two, but Woosha was not happy with Parish’s kick across the defensive 50m arc that went straight to a North player. It might just come down to that.


Feels like another one of those games where we can prove our legitimacy with a strong win. Feels like we have lost every single one of them in the last 18 years.


You could not have summed this game up any better.

It also feels like Collingwood have been our opponents more than most in these ‘prove legitimacy’ games… which have ultimately proved unsuccessful much to their delight.





It’s kind of annoying that they’ve got better along with us (or vice versa if you prefer).

first anzac day game i’ll have gone to since 2009 i believe.
take that for the omen it is.


at this point it has to be the best performing defenders to play, period. like it always should be.
Francis could be anything no doubt, but he nor anyone should be gifted games just cos they might leave.

If he does leave, then you deal with that when it happens.
The game has changed so much now you can’t be worrying only about long term down the track at maybe the expense of this year because player turnover is growing and it’s only going to continue to happen.

and i’m one who rates francis, he could be anything, I hope he stays, but if he doesn’t because he can’t handle or see he is behind hooker and hurley until they fall off the wagon or retire, then imo he hasn’t got the right mindset.

it’s also a long season, so who knows what happens around the corner, maybe someone gets injured and he comes in, maybe his form does push out one of the 3 kpd.

as of the moment though, ambrose has done nothing wrong, so you shouldn’t essentially punish him just cos someone in the future might be better.

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I certainly can’t see BZT leaving, he will understand he is behind Hurley and Hooker, both are AA defenders.

Francis I doubt he will leave as well. It’s not like the players in front of them are crap, they are good players, he just has to wait and bide his time. Wont be long until out back 6 are
Saad BZT McKenna
Ridley Francis Redman

Gleeson somewhere as well.