ANZAC Day - speculation and argument for changes vs Pies 2019


Dev and Zaka for Bags and Myers.
Would love to see Francis play a blinder today and push for a spot also.


Massive crunch game. If we can win this one watch out the rest of the comp


In all seriousness, 2 wins from the last 9 games in this fixture against this mob absolutely burns me up. It’s time, surely.


Never been to the dawn service so this year was going to make a full day of it.

After our start to the season I was thinking it was going to be a very looooong day filled with dread.
Started to waver about going.

Now I am pumped again and really looking forward to this.

I’ve also had a guy at work say every week we’ve won “we’re back” and I keep saying “talk to me in a month after Anzac Day and I’ll let you know” .

Didn’t want to get carried away, but now this is huge!!! Bring it!


I hate this fixture.


In Z Clarke
Out Dahiher

if only to see the BB meltdown destroy the internet!


Farking win. Just win. I don’t care how we do it. I don’t care if our players are sent out to deliberately injure Sidebottom, Treloar, DeGoey etc etc. I don’t care what we have to do. I don’t care who we have to sacrifice in a deal with the football devil. Just win. WIN.

In: Smith, ANZAharakis, Francis
Out: Baguley, Ham, and anyone else who isn’t 100%


Will be a very interesting game.
I don;t think we will win but should be a close game.

edit’ it’s been a while since we had a close/epic game

anyone else feel like this could be another classic?

Essendon or pies by under 10 points.


just go back to your guelfi wank shrine donners.

or is it charlie curnow now?


Collingwood own this fixture, I generally go to this game with a couple of pies mates and I’m sick to death of being the bigger man that stays for a beer after we get turned over. Fark Collingwood. I want this bad.


IN: Smith, Zaharakis
OUT: Ham, Baguley

Harsh outs but they simply must make way for two Best and Fairest winners on the big stage. Wouldn’t be surprised if they dropped Parish over one of them too.


I here ya mate. Only missed one Anzac day the last 15 odd years and seen two wins. So sick of seeing those pr*cks turn us over and embarrass us almost every year. Time to show up dons!


Does Ambrose go to De Goey?


Yeah, he gets first crack.


which no-name pleb is gonna play the game of his life against us this time?


Ham and bags for zaka and smith

Although i feel they will play bags. We all know it. It’ll be Guelfi or parish dropped

Gotta nullify grundy


Baguley was embarrassed by the pies last time. I think Collingwood would like it less if he was replaced by someone else.


Its looking like it’ll be zero rain too, thank fk


Sounds like a job for Brayden Sier


In Langford