ANZAC Day - speculation and argument for changes vs Pies 2019


Get more people away from the bars and into their seats to see the ceremony?


Although we faced Adelaide away (night game), so was hardly an advantage.


That’s what I don’t understand, seems 2019 is the year if being triggered on social media.


Though I agree - just want to point out that Hams was delisted a while ago.


Someone with bigger fantasy points.


One extra sleep…


Don’t be a smart ■■■■, I’m just illustrating my point that in the guy had virtually zero impact on the game


“Tokyo”. There’s your answer. But my 2 cents, Fark all pre, mid game entertainment, especially lame mini ‘concerts’ right off and replace it with high level under 18’s matches, sprints and goal kicking at half time along with the kiddy matches. Don’t give any clown a microphone, just scoreboard announce. And a water dunk with a prominent AFL employee every match, solid 45 minutes of just blissful rat drowning.


I would imagine that they have plans for a particular song that they think is suitable/appropriate - maybe Lanterns? Don’t really know the band well but that song would be ok.


The question is matchups in the middle.

Will Greenwood play and try and stop shiel.

Will Buck try to clamp down on our mids and let Grundy bullock there way forward from stoppages, taking advantage of Belly.

Will we release Merrett and Hepp outside the play, bringing Parish and Smith inside to give them space.

How are we going to stop trelor, Adams, Beams and Pendles.

Will we play brown in a selfless role dragging Moore away from the play.

It’s going to be a very interesting match, hopefully we are up to it and it’s a cracker of a game we win by ten points.


Assuming that Zaka and Smith come in for Ham and Bags then the changes from R16 last year are:

Daniher for McKernan
Zaharakis for Langford
Shield for Colyer!!!
Fantasia for Jake Long!!!
Redman for McNiece
Ridley for Goddard
Parish for Baguley


They are great ins


How will they stop Zaha, Smith, Sheil, Hep and Merrett?
Myers will probably play a role on Pendlebury like last time

Maybe Smith plays a bit up forward in place of Baguley and provides good goal kicking options while rotating through the middle?

Who goes into the ruck for them when Grundy has a rest? It looks like the 2-man ruck combo has been working for a couple of clubs this season.

I think Ambrose goes to de Goey, Hooker to Cox and Hurley going free.
Saad to Stephenson or Mihochek

Absolutely need a massive game from Stringer and Merrett to have a decent games on ANZAC day. Haven’t checked the stats but he seems to struggle on this day (as does the rest of the team)

AND CAN WE GO 1 GAME WITHOUT A ■■■■■■■ INJURY AGAINDT COLLINGWOOD PLEASE??? Last year on anzac day we lost Begley and Greene before quarter time, second game we lost Stringer, Myers and someone else, all coupled with Raz not playing as well.


This weeks prediction

Tight game for the most part until we kick a few late, and it ends up being 3-5 goals

Stringer anzac day medal


Pies by 23 points


I get the feeling you don’t like smartarses very much?
Have you done much illustrating?


I hope the coaches are going through and working out how an average team like North Melbourne picked apart our zone quite a few times in the first half. Collingwood wont let us off the hook


Youve said this kinda thing for 3 weeks

Back us in


Come on mate, you’re good poster but you literally bag out every comment and poster you don’t agree with. Maybe time to give it a rest from time to time yea?


Smith and Zaka out there too tho makes it 3, unless concerns remain on them