ANZAC Day - speculation and argument for changes vs Pies 2019


And what has happened the last 3 weeks??

Why would you alert the gods to something like this?!?!?!?!


Can’t blame em, I’d think the same of us, EFC are the ones who have to earn ■■■■ still…


Holy ■■■■ that is 100 times better than last year!


This is the problem with written communication. I’m laughing… you’re not.


Reckon it’ll be a high 90s crowd. Itll be unreal


Stringer for the medal. He’s been building towards a big one i reckon.






If Ambrose can keep JDG to under 10 and 0 goals would that deserve the medal?

Ambrose is gonna smash him.


Don’t care who plays, it’s going to be won between the ears…
In; attitude to hurt and destroy
Out; taking a backward step


Smith and Zaharakis are great inclusions for this game.

However… one player who didn’t play either game against the Pies last year will be an even bigger one… Orazio. I felt we greatly missed him in particular in the narrow loss later in the year.

If he can continue his form from the North game then he is going to be a headache for them, as he was in 2017.


Are you crazy? Taking a backward step contributed to at least one of Tippa’s goals


Ham isn’t :100:%
What is he Miscellaneous Mushy Meat?


You guys are all missing the point. Birds of Tokyo suck.


Joedan has a goat that plays for the Pies?
Tucker for full time :yum:


What would you prefer
Machine Gun Fella.tio?
The Killers?
I know being Melbourne Eskimo Joe/ Lorde.


Armin van Buuren. :blush:


Has to be everyones favorites in their record collection.
Engleburt Humperdinck
That’ll get the crowd fired up!


nothing to be honest. The MCG is an echo chamber which makes most music sound messy. The Last Post is just right for the big stadium reverb.


Anzac Day dance off with beer, pingas n footy!