Anzac Day Tickets


Newagency Ticketek comes through with 5 tix at level 1 M30 Ponsford!



got a spare standing room ticket if anyone needs one.


Ticket still available


they don’t trust your ticket after your last song…


There’s a whole host of reasons not to trust me beyond that.


DKP doesn’t have a ticket.


@darkknightpheonix better contact me then


Have just downloaded my tickets at the hotel and realised I purchased 2 extras lol


too late now, thanks for the offer though, would have been smart of me to look prior to last night haha.


Sorry if this question has been asked: I forgot to print my tickets at work yesterday. Would it be possible to scan the tickets on my phone?


it should be, make sure your phone is super bright when you try to scan it, i’ve seen people have difficulties if its not.


I’ll remember that, thanks mate.


Also if it doesn’t scan the turn-stall staff should be able to manually verify.


Did you not get SMSed a link to your ticket? Or have the Ticketek app?


hes got a digital copy deej



I have 5 tickets all together (definitely), possibly 6
Olympic stand level 4, bay 49 row CC
Face vaue
$60 ,
You may need to bring some tissues in case your nose starts to bleed, but hey, you’re there


PM sent!


If you have two spare that would be great!