Anzac Day Tickets


Looking to purchase two tickets if anyone is selling. Cheers.


I am very keen on just 1 ticket. I have given up hope of taking the family but we are all flying down from Queensland so I really hope I can find a single ticket.


Good luck mate. Hope you snag a couple.


Final release now


Nabbed 2 restricted views


Finds 2 seats together - gets times out

what a joke


Lvl 1 fwd pocket row d i have no idea what part of that is “restricted view”


Found 2 together, still interested in another 3 or even 5 if anyone wants to PM


Got 4 there a couple years ago, in no way restricted view. Mint seats
Unless by restricted you cant see because of the point post haha


Got in at 9:00:00, with my membership barcodes pre-typed into a text editor so I could copy and paste them into the browser. Got my two tickets. Looked like what was available was going real quick.


Managed to get 1 ticket for myself on the wing. Happy days.


Comes with Collingwood-supporter free guarantee and bonus Eddie sledging


Someone else asked this question but I can’t find the response - we have 2 high mark memberships - can I just scan my membership like in previous years?


High mark = allocated seat for home games.

This is a home game, so you’re good.


Ended up buying 3 sets of 2 tickets together but only need 2. Unless a mate wants them 2 sets of 2 will be up for grabs at cost.


I’m going dressed as Dom Sheed.


If anyone has a spare ticket they can sell please let me know. I only need 1 ticket. I’m even happy to buy the ticket and not use the seat of you don’t want anyone sitting next to you. I just want to get into the ground anyway I can.

More than happy to pay more than face price or compensate in the form of beer, pies, or hot chips!


I’m an AFL member that forgot to reserve a seat, happy to fling a few bucks to anyone who cant make it.


If anything is looking to sell a ticket, give us a shout.


If you are in AFL members I would recommend not giving your ticket away. They are getting very very strict in these big games now