Anzac Day Tickets


Whats the odds on rocking up and getting a standing room ticket?

Couldve sworn i did that one year…

Anyone got one spare?i originally couldn't go and just found out today I'll be in Melbs tomorrow
Is the club selling memberships at the ground? Could be a way to get tix

Whats the odds on rocking up and getting a standing room ticket?

Couldve sworn i did that one year…

Two years ago, I was in standing room & was standing next to who was possibly one of the the only few decent Collingwood supporters I’ve ever met. Anyway, he had a full season scum “standing room” membership and he said he just scanned it at the gates and got in.

Probably needed to find out if the match is fully ticketed. If not, give it a go - there’s always plenty of standing room.


Bump - does anyone know if/when standing room tickets go on sale?


I think they’ve been on sale for a while. Last time I checked they were the only tix available.


I just checked & there was only single seats up the scum end available. I think they usually release standing room & restricted view seats closer to the game but not sure is that is or will be the case this year.


Anyone selling any tickets?


From the Ticketek website:

General Public:
Public tickets for the Collingwood v Essendon, ANZAC Day match on Wednesday April 25 at the MCG are now exhausted. Further tickets may become available as a result of unused Club or AFL allocations. If available, tickets will be released via Ticketek at 9am, Thursday April 19. Tickets will be strictly limited and subject to availability.


Ok, … so It;s come about that I may need just a standing room ticket.

As a Home & Away Member, … is there anything available now?

Or do I have to shunt in with one and all tomorrow morning?

And if so, how to go about getting one as a H & A mem? Upgrade available etc?



Any body else taking the 9am gamble tomoz? Zero ■■■■■ given if i get standing Mrs Scotty and I are headed for the gs anyway


There’s still tickets around. You can still get single seats on the wing. Il be at the GS anyway


Just scored a level 2 seat on the 50m line at approx 9.00. 11secs am.







Level 1 M15 you beauty


i hate that damn website*. the whole “items in your basket” thing is terrible. now you see them, now you don’t.

*or my skills in navigating it.


Question for those of you who are diligent enough to know; I have a high mark membership this year with ‘access to all Melbourne home & away games’. Would this include a game like ANZAC day? If so, where will I be seated?

Thanks in advance.


You will need to go online and pay for a seat.


Need to upgrade and buy a reserved seat online


Thanks fellas, this is what I have done. Reserved seat Level 1, M8.