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whoever can fix it generally will supply the screen.
IF DIY probably Ebay


i just got my work phone fixed. new screen for $80 installed.

they quoted $90 to fix my 6S plus screen. that’s a copy screen, so quality isn’t the same as an original, but i’m sure most people wouldn’t notice.


where did you get that done? or what sort of place should my colleague be looking for that might offer the service?


sorry, i left off the most important bit!

it’s in moorabbin.

imobilestore, shop 12/105 Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin




Most shopping centres have someone who’ll do it.


I had a 3GS where the screen stopped working. I took it to Apple, who said $350 to fix, so I said no, thanks.

I then took it to one of those while-you-wait screen repair places and not much later had a new screen for $84. Not an Apple screen and not as good, but perfectly adequate for a phone that was then about 4 years old.


I got mine fixed in Hoi An for $10. Genuine Apple bits and an Apple Dealer. costs $100 at our Local Shopping Centre. So tell your colleague to go on a holiday.


Doesn’t a non apple screen affect certain sensors in the phone?


And I’ve never even noticed a drop in image quality. One of the three I’ve done required an adjustment to the image colour temp, which is done through SW settings, took 3 seconds. (It resolved itself anyway after about a week, was just the screen “burning in”)

But you can’t replace the home button yourself. That’s where the black magic lives.


Nah, it wasn’t.
Apple are very big on having standardised pricing worldwide.


I saw it HAP.

This was an accredited Apple Dealer, and they had all original packing. Otherwise best fake I have ever seen.


I won’t break the news about your Ray-Bans yet.


As to whether fake or not.
Apple get all their parts off essentially generic H/W suppliers. Samsung/foxconn/pegtron/sharp etc.
Might not be any different, but would’ve come through a different supply chain. And Apple would gladly void warranty over that…


Roy Bons i think you mean.


What about his genuine solid gold Rolox watch?


I went the $80 Patek Philippe myself.