Artificial Intelligence: should we or shouldn’t we?


I use artificial neural networks in my day to day work. so does your bank, so do marketing companies blah blah. I am fairly sure computers will become self aware. Whether it’s good… If they sound like Scarlett johannsenn, I will be fine with it.


There's a lot of myth and misconception swirling around Alan Turing's behaviourist focussed "Computer Machinery and Intelligence" paper but it is noteworthy that a chat bot program called "Eugene Goostman" has just successfully completed the "Imitation Game", commonly known as "The Turing Test".

Mind you, since when did 33% constitute a pass mark?


There is a  Princeton based link to an online version of the chatbot but right now it appears to be down


Eugene's up again but a bit slow. Guess it's been an exhausting day for him.


fkn srsly?


Can you believe it's nearly thirty years since Live Aid?


I'd like to be more acquainted with this so-called "behavianal" - sorry - "behavioral" studies centre!


Yeah, I'm convinced that's an eleven year-old kid and not a bot.


China Debuts an AI-Generated 'News Anchor

We can bring back Eric Pearce.


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How friggin’ drunk was I four years ago?


About the same as now?


“wimmera1, you are a big fat (drunken) idiot.”




If I had night shift last night then, maybe…
But I did not.


Shift work must suck… I can barely sleep properly without shift work.


I think if you drink and smoke, eat lots of processed foods and have a sedentary lifestyle it’s not so bad.
I don’t think any of you hikers could handle it.



I will be at MIT this Monday and Tuesday, and the AI project we are doing with them is much more complex and exciting than this.

If I can, I will post photos of our simulations.

I might even get a game of Jenga with their machine !


We’re only in real trouble when robots can start passing that ‘are you a robot’ Google test thing. That’s when society officially falls apart