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Firstly, my apologies for commenting on this thread.


Like you all who have lived through this misery, I have put a lot of thought into this issue, the laws that inherently regulate ASADA / WADA and other government funded organisations and how these same rules only necessarily apply to the AFL if someone insists on them doing so via the courts, the way the AFL has responded (vs the NRL for instance), the way infraction notices are issued etc etc.  


Through this season I have given Vlad a very hard time on how he has performed, however, in reflection and having a pretty good that nasty ■■■■ went down at our club, our club now stands in an excellent position.


Recommendations for infractions might occur; the AFL wont act because they have already sanctioned the club and therefore the individual, how will he NRL respond?


Perhaps I have underestimated Vlad and his cronies and their actions. Have they protected our club (and their revenues) from the horrors that follow two year or life time bans for individuals.


Perhaps, just perhaps, I was wrong from day 1. Strategy is the most important thing in warfare adnd maybe Vlad finished the war without too much bloodshed.


P.S. I am not Vlad, CW or a troll.