Ask Essendon VFL coach Haydn Skipworth a question!

G'day fellow Blitzers,


As mentioned in the VFL thread, will be doing the radio call of the Essendon v Box Hill Hawks from Craigieburn tomorrow afternoon (Sat) from 12pm.


At this stage, we have Essendon VFL coach Haydn Skipworth as a guest at around 12.15pm during our pre-match.


Like we've done a couple of times in the past, I'll pass on your questions to Haydn to answer on the air (on-field please, no ASADA).


Please try and submit your question by 11am on Saturday and I'll try and get as many in as possible.


Pete @ 94.1 FM 3WBC - Go Dons!

Hows Shaun Edwards progessing?

What sort of role does he see Dalgleish playing in the seniors if he were to develop and make the grade?

What’s the secret to the perfect pavlova?

What's your favourite episode of the blitzcast?

How do they like playing midfield?

Would love some more info on Dan Coghlan. Have officially claimed him as 'my boy' and feel he has better attributes than the great ZOB. 

Who's our next 'in and under' senior mid coming from the VFL ranks?

Why doesn't our VFL side have a newsletter or a post game video?

What made you want to go into coaching, is it something you have always wanted to do?

Which EFC listed player who is perennially in the VFL is most deserving of a run in the seniors.

I see we have two Yodas on blitz. Hayden, if you had to choose, which one of us do you pick?

What is his favourite ice cream flavour?

Is Dell unlucky that both Winderlich and Chapman are on our list. So he is 3rd in the pecking order.


Which player that hasn't debuted, could step straight into the AFL and perform.

Are you instructed to play in the same way as the senior Essendon team?

Which line has performed the best this year?

Is Ben duscher in the best form you have seen him? How important to the team is he?

Why would we hit up targets when the wind favours us?

Barnz… I was quite flabbergasted by his tactics in that match. “Don’t use the clear advantage to your advantage”

If you could fight any figure in history, who would it be?

How many goal dell kick?