Assange Arrested




Err, wot?

The media reported it with a straight face, though!

Not sure wot we’re wotting about?

You may say that I’m in some way biased and that’s o.k. I am saying he was set up with those women.

Swedish prosecutors have re-started the process to try and have him extradited.

They already have testimony from all parties but they have never charged Assange. Does that not strike you as incredibly peculiar? They don’t have a case against Assange, that’s as clear as day. If they would, they would have charged him.

The extradition request is simply a cover to get him to the U.S

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And here it is - direct assault on press freedoms as some were saying all along

Although Assange is portrayed as paranoid delusional by some media, his predictions are becoming alarmingly accurate.

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It does seem quite a step forward from the earlier narrow charge.

He’s literally never been wrong. Only state stenographers masquerading as journalists parrot that line.

He boosted the Seth Rich conspiracy. Was he wrong or did he straight out lie?

This would seem to be the kind of charge that Obama’s DOJ did not want to make.

If I take the charges at face value.

  • aided someone to steal classified information
  • published said information

You’re going to get in a whole heap of trouble if you do that. Restrictions on the press? I’m pretty certain they have allways had that restriction.

Now whether I should take the charges on face value is a different kettle of fish.

Good post. The idea that Assange ‘aided’ Manning to steal classified information is absurd. Manning already had top security clearance and could access every document she handed over to WikiLeaks. What the DOJ is trying to frame is cracking a password, which was done for the purpose of preserving Manning’s anonymity. This is routinely done by investigative journalists around the world.

Why do you keep harping on this Seth Rich nonsense? It’s got nothing to do with anything in the indictment.

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Make no mistake these charges are to

  1. Punish Assange with the full wrath of the U.S empire for revealing war crimes
  2. Muzzle one of the most important journalists of our time
  3. Strike fear into the hearts of all journalists

I didn’t say it did. I will say that I think it was despicable. If, as you say, I harp on it, then that is why.

Area man is surprised when his statement about a another man never being wrong is followed with a question about a time that man was possibly wrong. Demands to know how the subject came up.

Things aren’t looking good for Julian.

He’s going to have a nasty accident, sure as eggs.

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If it isn’t self inflicted - yes he will.