Assange Arrested

I’d say you’re right but as with Manus Island - it breaks several human rights laws.

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He got charged with a crime he’s now in prison. What’s the human rights breach?

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Proportionality is the obvious one - the “crime” he was indicted for barely ever yields prison time. He’s in a supermax prison reserved for the most heinous of criminals, isolated for 23 hours a day with little access to proper medical care.

Other than the above, his access to lawyers is extremely restricted, and for a man facing major legal proceedings in the UK, USA, Sweden it is impossible, even if he were healthy, for his lawyers to have sufficient time with him to adequately prepare his legal defences. That is another.

There’s an entire laundry list of due process / human rights abuses that Assange has been put through over the last 10 years.

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Over the last 7 of those 10 years Assange put himself in exile in a foreign embassy to escape being charged with rape in Sweden. Most of his problems such as mental illness and poor physical health are self inflicted.

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Understood Bigallan, few Australians even know ASIS exists, and many fail to understand the role of ASIO even believing they carry out the whole gamut of espionage related activities.

Spycatcher certainly was controversial in the Australian intelligence community at the time of its release. So I imagine that it was an even bigger deal in the UK.

Jeezuz, … you for real?


Actually he was found guilty of breaching bail in the UK and sentenced to 50 weeks in gaol.
Its ironical, because the breach of his bail conditions occurred because he effectively sentenced himself to indefinite exile in a London embassy, an exile that lasted 7 years.

Lol…although it’s not surprising you hold this view given the complete disinformation campaign by the corporate media over the last 10 years.

What I will ask you to do is to mull this one over for a bit - what state on earth gives political asylum to a person fleeing rape charges?

The U.S unsealed an indictment on Assange within an hour of his arrest from the Ecuadorian embassy. Connect the dots please.

UN Special Rapporteur on Assange

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Ok I recognise that exposure of some private information can have a role in exposing information with a public benefit. But as every whistleblower knows there is always a personal price to be paid for this. In deciding to become a whistleblower, a person must make a conscious decision knowing that it may have serious personal ramifications down the track. Snowden, Manning…

To Assange, freedom means, above all, freedom to access the internet. Without that, he is broken man with virtually no raison d’etre. They could gaol him in the Hyatt, and take the internet away and that would be enough punishment. IMO its just not even necessary to put him into supermax.

As a consequence of his own actions. Yes . Imagine you voluntarily cooped yourself up in 1 room in a foreign embassy for 7 years and all the time knowing eventually you would either be arrested or carried out in a wooden box. Not a recipe for good physical, emotional and mental health.
Yes I am for real.

Exactly - so why are they ■■■■■■■ doing it?

Mate…Assange PUBLISHED what he was given by whistleblowers - that is journalism and what he is in prison for is journalism and revealing the truth, how can you not see this?

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This price you talk of is paid because a gullible public sit back and soak up the propaganda whilst governments and the corporations targeted who don’t like transparency pursue the whistle-blower using means that are often illegal and almost always immoral.
They are getting away with it here, not because what they are doing is fair or legal, but because the general public are apathetic with regards Assange’s human rights.


UN Special Rapporteur on Torture slams Australia’s complicity in Assange’s current predicament.

IMO, the USA should never have gone to Afganistan, Iraq, Syria, or anywhere else since Hitler was deteated. I was against the Vietnam war and all the rest of the meddling by the USA…
They need to quit trying to be global policeman. Just go back and mind their own backyard, FCS.
If Iraq, Syria, Israel, Iran, all those countries want to have a war, leave them to it.


Jules is in prison because he broke the farking law, why can’t you see that ?


I think you are talking through your hat.

What evidence do you have his mental health was poor whilst at the Embassy? The last time he spoke from the balcony there he was showing no signs.

By your supposition, everyone that spends 7 years in any prison comes out a Mental basket case. Guess what, they don’t, … and he had much better living conditions than a guest of Her Maj’s.

There have been no reports on a deteriorating mental state about Assange until he gt slammed in the slammer for real.

Not to mention the total disdain you cast aside his Mental health issues with a blithe, well he deserves it, he did it to himself.

Get a grip mate, it doesn’t matter in the end how or why, you can show a modicum of fkn humanity about it.

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The fact is that almost all those in gaol know that upon their release, they will enjoy “freedom” . Assange, there is only the prospect of further trial, further incarceration, not to mention living in fear of a possible visit from some nasty CIA operatives if he does escape trial in the USA. He must be under a lot of stress.

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So far, the only crime he has been found guilty of is a crime under UK law for jumping bail. He was only on bail awaiting extradition processes.
If the Swedish and US extradition processes take longer than his bail jail term, what happens next?

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