Assange Arrested

Maybe, but it goes against the record of these newspapers.

There’s literally no reason to reject such a story. NYT, Guardian et al scooped up numerous journalism awards using WikiLeaks/Manning disclosures.

What record is that? Their records of having to retract stories? You realise that WikiLeaks has NEVER had to retract anything they’re published. They have a 100% accuracy record despite having a fraction of the budget of these so called ‘reputable’ outlets.

EDIT - Oh and the NYT, that bastion of ‘liberal’ journalism has been for every war since pfft at least the first Gulf War.

DFAT statement rejects claims that Australia has been complicit in psychological torture and states that he continues to receive active and high level consular support ( whatever that means - who has carriage for this at the High Commission and how closely involved is the High Commissioner?).
Further, in its heavily coded statement, DFAT states that Assange had told ( unnamed ) Australian officials that he is being treated the same as other Belmarsh prisoners. No mention whether that treatment is the same for other Belmarsh prisoners incarcerated for jumping bail and facing two sets of extradition charges, one of which could have him jailed for life.
That statement would not have been issued without clearance at Ministerial level.
Now that the Morrison Ministry has been sworn in, waiting for a statement from the Foreign Minister.

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The DFAT statement is extremely self serving. This isn’t the first time that Australia completely ignores a UN report / ruling and it won’t be the last.

It’s obvious that the Australia has been complicit in the psychological torture of Assange, Gillard threatened to strip Assange of his citizenship back in 2010 and was told she had no legal basis to do so. Starting with the Greens backed Labor, this country has completely abandoned Assange. It’s as though he’s not even an Australian citizen.


TBF it is not a UN report or ruling, the author is a UN appointed official. It has no legal status, nor can it be construed as representing the view of the UN. It’s out there for others to comment on. So far Australia has chosen to comment at the level of officials, nothing from the US, UK or Sweden.
It’s not unhelpful to Assange’s cause, if the status of his health can be medically verified. In the past the UK rejected a US extradition request on mental health grounds.

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In a related matter, 7.30 has a story on our own ATO Whistle Blower facing 160 plus years in Prison, Richard Boyle tonight.

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Assange to remain in custody despite his bail sentence lapsing. So he’s now incarcerated for publishing truthful documents. Yay for “rule of law” and “due process” :face_vomiting:


Following Australia’s example - kept an Iranian woman in a jail (where she was not allowed to keep her baby) for more than 12 months before extraditing her to the US. Justification was flight risk.

Won’t comment on the above case however can tell you that the magistrate in Assange’s case preemptively ruled on his bail status without the defence having requested it. That is not due process, which has been smashed at every turn on Assange. The magistrate’s reasoning was completely illegitimate - fears of “absconding” totally unfounded, Assange has never “absconded” , he sought and was granted political asylum, as was his right per international law - everyone on the planet knew where he was.


Wonder whether the extent of Australian assistance to Assange was discussed during the liar from the shire’s talks with Trump.
There are three Australian citizens in jail in Iran, DFAT has issued a travel warning re Iran. They are hostages to Australia’s engagement in the Gulf.
Absent a concerted campaign from Australian and other media, Assange is done for, particularly given UK post Brexit interest in looking beyond Europe to the US.

An Aussie journo (can’t remember his name) put the question to Trump RE: Assange but it was completely ignored.

I don’t think Julian is done for, he’s a political prisoner and from what I see, the UK judiciary is significantly prejudiced against him. The only avenue is if the media have some guts and protest this on freedom of the press grounds. I think the espionage indictments will come back to bite the U.S - it has at least mobilised some resistance in the MSM.

No doubt the British judiciary are prejudiced against Assange. They have already decided there is a high level of risk he will abscond bail.

Not sure what the Aussie Professor did to get ten years jail, but the other two must have known the risks of using a drone camera in this place. If you travel, you have to accept the consequences of your actions and keep your head down.

It is only for his protection. The world is out to get poor Jules.

The sickening thing is that they’re keeping him in Belmarsh, a high security prison for murderers, rapists etc. From Assange’s mother:

  • In solitary confinement in the hospital ward - transported in and out of cell under controlled moves. Prison lock down, halls cleared;

  • Unable to call parents/U.S lawyers for 6 months;

  • Prison hasn’t delivered mail for over a month

At the very least our Gov’t could request he be moved to a lesser security prison, or heaven forbid, a ■■■■■■■ proper hospital.


I wonder if the Snowden option would be better for him at this point, but I guess he would almost certainly become a hostage to Putin, on a year by year visa renewal, in return for getting back to journalism ( with a Russian perspective, of course)
Out of one frying pan into another.

Snowden never intended to stay in Russia. The U.S cancelled his passport while connecting in Moscow.

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So, are you saying the US don’t want him back and would not “reinstate” his passport in an instant if the Russians agreed to return him to the US? Jeez, Putins mob might even suggest a prisoner swap at some point.

All I’m saying is that Snowden never intended Russia to be his final destination. That’s all.

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It’s funny you mention this because the UK are in the exact same scenario - Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is detained in Iran arbitrarily per the UNWGAD (as with Assange) but UK state media isn’t really reporting on this because the UNWGAD has also denounced the UK’s treatment of Assange, while Iran also (and rightly) points out the UK’s state persecution of Assange.

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