Assistant Coaches


In his defence at isn’t just the last 2 seasons it has been terrible. As Bacchus said, hard to be good at it when the cattle is ■■■■ average


The day Hardie gets info right is the day I win tattslotto


M Harvey safe?


Isn’t he normally spot on and was one of the first to suggest Woosha and McKenna to Essendon? Or am I thinking of someone else?


Yeah i think so. Defence seems strong, most players down back are improving


One can only hope. But won’t happen


Is Rick Charlesworth still available?


Sign up Ling to teach them how to tag :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


As much as I loved Solly as a player, I’m sick of vacant positions getting taken up by the old boys network. We have been like this for far to long and it’s gotten us nowhere. Getting Woosha was the right start. If Solly is the best man for the job, great but if not, no preferential treatment.


Burns and caracella would be a solid coup.

caracella has more than proven himself at geelong.


I’ll do it.


I would happily have Buckley as midfield coach when he gets the boot from Collingwood


Solly’s been at GC for many years has he not?

No idea if he’s any good


That info is bizarre if true.

McKenna only just got here and is joined at the hip with Woosha.
Neeld is reputedly a very good assistant coach…

Who is doing this review and why?




Didn’t he move to Richmond this year???


ah well theres goes that idea.


I heard Hardie on 6PR but he also wrote an article on it which indicates the pressure may be on all the assistant coaches.

There is also movement at Essendon to try and bolster John Worsfold in the box. Pressure is going on the likes of Mark Neeld, Guy McKenna and co at Bomberland.
In a case of musical chairs Scott Burns could end up at the Bombers, who has worked with Worsfold and Solomon could find his way to Windy Hill.

Hardie is well connected and what he has said is plausible.


These two are the worst


Wasn’t Neeld in charge of player development or something a few years back? I remember the young players coming in and looking good. Now he is opposition analysis isn’t he?

Worsfold: ok Neeldy, how do we beat the Carlton this week
Neeld: we need to tag Gibbs
Worsfold: tag? you mean go head to head in midfield?
Neeld: no no no, we need to TAG!
Worsfold: …oh i got you, head to head it is