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Neeld’s reputation precedes him. Cgates, what makes them so incompetent?


I reckon the only way Bucks leavs Collingwood is if he pulls the pin, looking the same for Rocket.

It is interesting that the way all 3 named clubs intend to improve is by taking coaches axed from other clubs that arn’t setting the world on fire. Solomon is apparantly well regarded by GC, yet they haven’t given him the chance to coach the club until the end of the season, by sacking Rocket early, and infact intend to show him the door? It could be we have already signed him and GC are putting a brave face on his departure. It could also be that the chemestry isn’t right in the box (but not for all 3 clubs) one would have thought if you are looking for assistants, the top half of the ladder is where you go.


What reputation? What success as he had? He adds absolutely nothing only his big ego


Particularly irks me that M Harvey back = Solly back and pretty soon D Wallis will be back too


Scott Burns is out-of-contract at Collingwood, while they are currently undertaking a review of the entire football department and are in the process of delivering the news to each assistant.

Blake Caracella signed with Richmond at the end of the 2016 season, not sure how long the contract he signed for was, but he had the chance to join Essendon and didn’t.

Stuart Dew told Brisbane last season, that he was keen to see out his contract with the Sydney Swans. He is contracted to the Swans until the end of 2018 and says he will not break that deal.

Dean Solomon is out-of-contract at Gold Coast, while they are currently undertaking a review of the entire football department and are in the process of delivering the news to each assistant.

Brenton Sanderson is contracted for 2018, but the Magpies have told all staff that no decisions will be made until the completion of three reviews. And if Buckley gets canned, he might leave too.

Retiring players: Matthew Boyd, Steve Johnson, James Kelly, Scott Thompson


Get me Dew, Caracalla and Steve J as a development coach.


Why would anyone want Burns after Collingwood’s performances, Solomon after GC’s or SJ (any evidence he is more than a great talent?)?


Why do you hate these blokes? Neeld has been spruiked fairly heavily - Malthouse recommended him for the Dees job and several players have gone on record as saying he’s a great developer of talent.


Not about hate, just responding to an article. Each coach brings a particular skill set, match days seems to be a limatation on all out current crop. The only way to fix that is to bring in someone with that skill set.


Crawford was heavily endorsing David Rath as a potential coaching target for us. Is highly rated as an innovative thinker and considered one of the main architects behind the Dawks 4 flags over the past decade. A bit more info on him from earlier in the year.


LOL. Well this might have been the case Deckham,

But this is where its at right now.



chris with his laptop is an absolute weapon.


Show me a way to do it in 90 seconds on my IPad


I’d love to see us completely revamp ALL the assistants. My thoughts on Caracella should be well known on here (he’s a must get for mine), I’d be asking what Peter Sumich wants to do too. Woosha & he had a decent chemistry in the coaches box from what I’m led to believe and he has a good coaching pedigree. Obviously a great strategist is required too Unless that’s gonna fall into Caracella portfolio but I’m not against Crawford’s suggestion of getting David Rath, our strategies around stoppages, clearing the ball from a point kick in & gaining functionality within our forwardline has been near on diabolical for much of this decade. Think the broom will come at seasons end.


David Rath would be a massive coup. We are sorely lacking in fresh & innovative coaching talent - & those with multiple (and recent flags) to their names. Rath & Caracella. Roo as a forwards coach.


As long as DKP gets appointed to drive home minimum standards.


It’s almost certain.
Dan Richardson has the broom ready for when the lights are turned off on the 2018 season.

I’ve spoken before about the EFC needing to disband the ‘whole of club’ HR recruiting policy that was implemented after the saga. It simply does not work within the football departments. You must be particular about skills sets and personalities when recruiting for the football department. This is something that can’t be identified within a general HR recruitment set up.

Under this HR policy, its simply easier to recruit and upskill from within the organisation. It becomes too much red tape to target opposition assistants, and getting the best available. It’s easier to promote people within the organisation and upskill.

That’s why we are in the current situation within our football department.

It’s led to the promotion of Neeld, Skipworth, Corrigan, Dan Jordan… and much lesser extent James Kelly. All promoted from within the club.


We need 3 things to come from a change in the coaching group:

  • Gameplan that players can execute and can challenge any team. Teams with less talent are performing better then us which is disappointing.
  • The best stoppage coach. From the outside we look like we have no plan and expecting to find room through congestion. We shouldn’t dominate based on personnel but we should be able to win our fair share of damaging clearances.
  • Probably not a coaching role but we need to get to another level of fitness. We have mids playing low minutes, kids needing a rest after 2 weeks of footy. Easily half if not 2 thirds of our list are not fit enough to play their preferred position. This has been the case my whole life, we’ve never been known to be a really fit team. Not sure if this is a coaching issue, player personnel or players not driven enough to go another level. Find the reason and correct it with an appropriate coach.


If only we could get a sports scientist to help us catch up in this crucial area…