At the movies - From the couch

Watched ghosted. Bit of an action romantic comedy, just lacked in…idk I didn’t care for the main actors :scream: rather it was kinda predictable.
Still i rooted for the bad guys or maybe I wanted de arames in a bath scene again :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:, but the movie just fell short.

Watched a few movies lately

Emancipation- very good movie starring will smith as a slave on the run. Absolutely brutal movie, but very very good. Not sure why they filmed it in black and white though- actually took away from the movie instead of adding to it. If Will Smith hadn’t of slapped Chris Rock, he would definitely be up for a award with his performance 7.5/10

Love and monsters- really loved this, funny,good emotion, great dog, good action. One of the most enjoyable Netflix movies I’ve seen.8/10

Jasper Jones- Aussie drama. Not bad, needed a much better ending 5/10

In his latest stand-up special, Chris Rock said he’s been watching Emancipation on repeat.


Haha, I can imagine Chris rock loved it

Loved this movie.

Perhaps the ending could have been better, but didn’t mind it.

Loved Charlie’s mate Jeffrey and the cricket match was touching.

Have added Love and monsters to my list to watch. Thanks.

Yeah Charlie’s friend was the highlight of the movie for me. His what would you rather have questions cracked me up

The cricket match was very cool

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I’m a sucker for Guy Ritchie films…Most are above average if not excellent.

The Covenant. Long but def gripping. A war movie but its based according to those that were there in Afghanistan pretty well right. Jake Gyllenhaal is really good.

Sucker? I think you mean being an unabashed fan of Ritchie’s work, and count me as one as well. He makes quality movies that are as engaging as they are evocative and entertaining. I might even get around to some verbs or adjectives starting with other letters soon. I am also v pleased to see him spread his wings a little and go beyond the Cockney crime niche genre which he had made his own, and into a full-blown drama.


Ritchie is terrible. Had two good movies in the 90s then nothing but a stream of garbage for two decades now.

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My favourite Ritchie movies are the Sherlock Holmes ones. I did enjoy lock stock, and ■■■■■■ though. Rock n Rolla was decent ( had one of the funniest chase scenes I’ve seen)

I hated King Arthur, and man from uncle though

Looking forward to watching The Covenant

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Avatar 2.

Only half way through it, but first impressions:

It’s visually stunning.
Why does every Hollywood movie have to be overly weaponised.
It has every Hollywood cliche with respect to teens that don’t like each other but end up being friends. Everyone is ‘misunderstood’ by their parents.
It’s really just a lot of mind numbingly long scenes, that look good.
And then my kid tells me there’s a 3 a 4 and a 5 already planned. So this one won’t even be the end game.

I’ll watch the rest, but damn, it’s no way near as good as the first one (SFX aside)

Its not a Hollywood thing, more of a James Cameron thing. He has a fetish for military weaponry, yet is weirdly anti-US military/corp ingeneral. He has dumbed down the Avatar films purposely to get his themes/propaganda (his words) to translate across as wider audience as possible. In a way I kinda of applaud it, but am also bummed out that he will of dedicated the majority of his directoral career to this franchise. I will still see them because the spectacle is unrivallled, but kinda wish he just made another Abyss or True Lies instead. Whatever, I got my money’s worth, and while I will probably never watch it again and found the sentimentality of it all overwrought, it was a unique cinematic experience which I felt like I had to shake off me after leaving the cinema because I was so transported into his imaginary world.


It is certainly a very immersive experience. So much to see in every ■■■■, especially the water scenes.

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The Abyss is great. Would really love to get some of those early Cameron works on 4k Blu Ray. Only T2 is in 4K as far as I can recall.

Edit: Supposedly The Abyss and True Lies are coming with Avatar and Titanic in 4K this year. Only really care about the first 2. Give me Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, and True Lies and I am pretty happy. Already got T2.


Its bizarre that The Abyss has never gotten a Blue Ray release. The Directors cut of that is top 3 Cameron for me only behind T2 and Aliens. It’s so rewatchable and the performances are terrific.


The only thing about The Abyss that feels wrong is that I hate not being on Michael Biehn’s side


He’s so good. If the directors cut was the cinematic release he probably gets nominated for best supporting actor. His intensity is so umcomfortable. Such a shame his career went sideways in the mid 90s.


Guy Ritchie…The Gentlemen was a cracking movie.


I have liked his performances in everything l have seen him in.