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This is what it was I think.

I did a quick google and i think it’s the ‘soap opera effect’ that we called it in the ‘90s. And I reckon you could see it in videos that were PAL Vs NTSC, if you had the luxury of a player that could do both.

Interesting to read that it’s not observable/noticeable to everyone. My kids couldn’t notice it at all, presumably because they can’t recall the good old days of CRTs

I have a thing where I always try and see big blockbuster movies as soon as possible after they get released…purpose is to avoid getting my expectations raised too high from the comments of others.

I remember seeing Avatar for the first time several months after it was released…I’d read all the reviews and social media commentary from friends etc hyping it up.

I walked out of the cinema feeling disappointed as my expectations had not been met.

A year or so later I watched it on dvd with my daughter and really enjoyed it.

I had a similar experience with John Wick 2.

Maybe a 2nd watch after all the hype has died down is all you need.

Love Alien Isolation such an underated game


theres value in not really rating the movie industry’s opinions about things

Fantastic game, absolutely packed my pants playing it a few times hiding from the Xenomorph.

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Didn’t watch this until lockdown #2 or #3. Enjoyed it. The animation must’ve been ahead of its time. It’s great. The story is as old as time began tho.

Saw The Great Escaper today. It was excellent: Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson were both outstanding. My father and Uncle in law both flew & fought in WW2 - and our Uncle gave his life in the war and is buried at the war cemetery in Cambridge.
So, maybe my connection to it all enhanced my opinion- or maybe not…I’m very glad to have seen it.


Watched Anatomy of a fall tonight, very good movie.

The French way of conducting their trials blew my mindi have never seen a witness giving evidence, then the lawyer turns to the defendant and starts questioning them on what they just heard. It was like constantly defending yourself every minute of the trial

Wasn’t sure if I needed to spoiler that, but better to be safe

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Talented Mr Ripley - 1999


Great movie. Worth a look. Even Gwyneth goes alright in it.


Apparently a remake is in the works

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netflix has a series

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Yeah would be interesting watching this because all mainland Europe uses Civil law (and most of the world) unlike the common law used in the Anglo world. So use to watching Hollywood courtroom dramas.

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I don’t think it happens that way. I think that was “dramatic licence”.

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Is it worth a look. I don’t really does series (as I instinctively want to binge the whole thing)

i refuse to watch contemporary noir, we’ve moved on as a society.

Gunpowder Milkshake is a slightly quirky, yet also kinda by the numbers , femme fatale flick. Quite watchable, but it probably helps that i find Headey, Gugina, Bassett and Gillan all quite easy on the eye, lol. A bit of mindless entertainment that sometimes is all you really want.

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Had no idea Lanthimos ‘Poor Things’, did The Lobster.
Love that movie.
Very much looking forward to Kinds of Kindness.

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