At the movies - From the couch

Music still going through the headphones

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Havent seen this one since release

Watched Meg 2 last night.
Very Sharknado.
There’s a scene where it’s obvious that members of the cast are told to run and they’ve used the footage from the moment they called action.

It’s extremely stupid. But if you accept it’s extremely stupid, it’s a lot of fun.


Actually uses a camera angle in a shark movie that I have never seen before. From the POV on the inside of the sharks mouth as he starts chomping people, very cool shot

Lying in bed with covid, so going through some movies that I have been meaning to watch for ages

Covenant- really enjoyed it. All about a us army squad squad in Afghanistan and their Afghan translator. Best guy Ritchie movie I have seen since Sherlock Holmes

JFK- very very slow, but very interesting. Has to be in the running for the most stacked cast in the history of movies. I have no idea how accurate it was or if it’s more from Oliver Stones POV of what happened. I enjoyed it, but most likely would never watch it again. Surprised they used the actual footage of JFK getting shot in the movie, can’t believe that got through the censors


I know I know…from the couch.

but hitting the movies up with mates on Tuesday.

Any recommendations from the current crop of movies? I was thinking kingdom of the apes?

I’ve only seen docos on Jimmy Carter, but those 13 days with Sadat and Begin at Camp David, leading to the Camp David Accords, would be high tension.
A peanut farmer from Georgia trying to find common ground with two major ME leaders.

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I agree that’s the best Guy Ritchie film.

Nah…The Gentlemen is his best (imo)

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For me Sherlock Holmes 2 is his best.the covenant is very good though

I used to think rocknrolla was the bees knees.

its actually not bad. worse ways to kill a couple of hours.

Watched 2 more movies yesterday

In the land of saints and sinners- rubbish Liam Neeson action thriller set in Ireland

Accidental Hero- comedy/ drama- starring Andy Garcia, Dustin Hoffman and Helena Davis. Selfish almost homeless guy saves a reporter from a burning plane crash. Doesn’t come forward until a 1mill reward is offered. Really enjoyed it

This guy has done sooooo many ‘revenge’ action thrillers, it’s insane.


His kids get kidnapped so much


The trial- man gets arrested one morning, has no idea what he has done or has been charged with. The worst movie I have ever seen( that’s not hyperbole either), beyond boring, made no sense at all.

Last of the mohicans- hadn’t seen it for at least 25 + years. Couldn’t remember almost anything about it. Fantastic movie, absolutely brutal in parts but fantastic. Best Daniel day Lewis movie I have seen by a mile

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Broadcast news- drama/ comedy about a love triangle between a news producer, reporter and anchor. Was good,Albert brooks is pretty funny in it. Also contains my favourite response ever to a boss who after fires you says “ if there is anything I can do for you”.

Ninja turtles- mutant mayhem. Not bad , animation wasn’t as good as the Spider-Man animation. Was entertaining,story was ok, needed a stronger villain. Second one should be a lot better on that account

I wouldn’t describe Broadcast News as a love triangle. I can see why you say it, but Holly Hunter is more interested in being a good reporter than finding a man. I remember it as being of the same era as Groundhog Day, and having the same sort of feel about it but not being quite as good.

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The Boys in the Boat…set in the US during the height of the depression era leading into the Berlin Olympics…based on the true story of a group of first time rowers from the University of Washington (many of who are doing it for the free accom and job that comes with it) who battle against the odds in their quest for success.

I enjoyed it and feel it’s well worth watching.

Stars Joel Edgerton and Callum Turner (recently in Master of the Air).

Boooo. Fake.

Sahara- the one with Humphrey bogart as the star. Was ok, but I much prefer the Jim belushi one. Such a simple premise but down really well

Beneath hill 60- one of the best Australian war films I have seen, had no idea of the story, can’t imagine what it would have been like in those tunnels. My claustrophobia kicked in just watching it

Without limits- all about Steve prefontaine, a runner prodigy. Decent enough movie, but the main character was too unlikeable for me to be really invested in his races

Looks like his best yet