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Hard to tell, it’s all blurry.


I was deciding if I needed new glasses or should quit drinking.

I’m not convinced he was better actually, or even equal. It’s a very very different role he’s playing, despite the fact that the character has the same name. For me I actually found the Ledger version more disturbing as the character is more intelligent/focused.

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Two totally different movies and characters.

You may as well compare the steps scene with the batusi

As luck would have a new TV arrived where l am staying and l caught up with The King on the second night of viewing. What a load of codswallop. Concur with most of the above. The crew have tried to turn Henry into an anti-hero, so much the better to appeal to contemporary tastes. Young Hal seems to be confused about what he wants to be. Starts off as a young drunkard, but one with a regal heart of gold, as opposed to his scheming father. The crown is thrust upon him, he accepts it reluctantly. The film builds up to the battle of Agincourt, but gives no details of the campaign that the battle culminated in, nor much of the aftermath and what it meant, although it is often referred to as a turning point in the history of warfare. The actual battle scene itself captures the chaos of such warfare as well as any ths side of the Battle of the Bastards.

The script takes a bare bones approach to the subject of Henry himself. We are left with a shadow of a character. The lead actor Timothee Chalamat looks undernourished, and Robert Pattinson looks and sounds embarrassed to be playing the Dauphin. The ending is dubious to say the best, and t appears the screen writers ran out of ideas and just wanted a nice, neat package. As a film to depict a fascinatng period and piece of history, this is very underwhelming.

I agree. It was good, but the raving reviews about it i don’t get.

also agree about the path leading to the end. If he had his ■■■■ together , was success, well liked yada yada and the thread was pulled on and snowballed from there IMO would have been better, and shown a full on falll from grace snap.

Instead as you say guy with mental illness has ■■■■ happen to him and snaps, it’s just how most of similar kind of crap is portrayed.

That’s how I saw it. It was very simplistic in my view. I mean some of it was well filmed, and I enjoyed it, but I reckon the actual plot was pretty rubbish when you think about it in hindsight

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Ford v Ferrari- loved it. Matt Damon, Christian Bale & Catriona Balfe all excellent along with others including young Noah Jupe who plays Ken’s son. Recommend.


T6 was good but caned reception wise.

Sort of up against joker, should have held off till Xmas.

I’ve never been more aroused by a nude robot either.

Just watched Good Boys.
It’s not rocket surgery, but it is very sweet and pretty funny.

I saw it yesterday.

I agree with a lot of your points but would mark it more harshly. It was long, the plot was simplistic and, worst of all, it was boring.

There are so many other interesting films dealing with descents into madness. If I had my time again I would watch one of those if I wanted that subject matter. The film which it most reminded me of was Falling Down which was a much better film (and FD was entertaining but not great).

Ultimately, what I learnt from the movie was that they shouldn’t do villain back stories.

Ford V Ferrari. 2019 / 152 minutes. 9 / 10
For many car racing fans much of this story will be well known. As with any Hollywood effort, certain liberties have been taken to up the dramatic impact in places, which of course are unnecessary when you have got terriffic source material. I will leave those who might become interested in finding out the facts for themselves to do some research into certain results, rather than spoil the fun.

Bale gives an outstanding performance (as an actor, not the driver) as Ken Miles, an abrasive but massively talented race car driver, who was largely responsible for the development of the Ford GT 40, but is well supported by the rest of the main characters. He nails Miles’ Brit accent. Damon is a bit of a strange choice for Shelby, he neither looks, nore sounds like him, and isn’t anyhere near tall enough to play the Texan. The complex relationship they share is well documented here, as are the office politics various characters are alleged to have played.

The racing sequences are the best l have seen put on film, and get the adrenaline pumping, as does the soundtrack. There should be a couple of academy awards in here somewhere for the technical side of things, and l would be surprised if Bale isn’t nominated.


During the past week…
Watched Good Boys and then Rim of the World, Rim of the World is alot better movie.
Both very funny, Rim great Allround.

Watch The Joker, it’s a good characterisation bio -story. Some real insight towards the psychosis that evolves towards the becoming of the eventual Joker.
I still think it’s a shame the Batman movies missed out on what could have been a great joker by Hugo Black.
Just a good movie.

Watched Seven World 1 Planet.
Are these documentaries an exaggerated stretch of former documentaries voice by David Attenborough? From my POV too many aspects seen before, just retold with a different spin.

Gemini Man, really nice film to watch. Could have been a brilliant movie if not a tad long and a dull ending. Still recommend.

More to come :sunglasses:

Couldn’t be more excited for a film.

I expect it will have plenty of nominations for academy awards and could potentially clean -up.


When WWI started?
Call me cynical.

Can Noonan confirm?

It’s getting amazing reviews, I’m really looking forward to it too

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I think Sam Mendes might take home another best director award.

This visually looks far more interesting to me than Nolans Dunkirk.

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