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Saw The King on netflix last night and I’m at an absolute loss to understand where all the good reviews are coming from. I mean, it’s pretty, and the costuming is great, and the actors do their best with the garbage they’re expected to work with, but that’s one of the worst scripts I’ve seen made into a serious big-budget film in many a year. Confused about what it wants to be, badly paced, clunky dialogue (doesn’t help when you’re competing with WILLIAM ■■■■■■■ SHAKESPEARE’S take on the same material, admittedly ), and riddled with absolutely submoronic plot holes. And don’t get me started on the history, just don’t.

Watched it with a couple of mates who were all keen to see it, and we were all howlingly disappointed. Absolute bomb.

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I’m finally going to see the Joker movie tonight. Tell me it’s good.

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I felt like more could Be.been made of this. Like You, I walked out just thinking it was ok to kill a couple of hours but I’ll have forgotten it largely by tomorrow. Unlike the Joker movie which I was still thinking about a week later. Just a time killer and nothing more.

It’s part of my prickly nature that I won’t be watching Dr Sleep.

I’m sorry, I don’t think you get to ■■■■ all over Kubrick’s version of The Shining, remake your own ■■■■■■ tv miniseries version, and then use Kubrick’s images in your sequel.

It’s brilliant.


Thanks for the heads up. l was interested, but that has now died. Might watch it on FTA in a couple of years, otherwise l won’t bother.

So I saw Joker tonight, I know I’m late to the party.

My first thought is that it was ok. Like not brilliant, but good. I enjoyed it, and Phoenix is really good (I mean he would want to be, he had to carry the entire movie).

But I don’t think it’s the masterpiece that many others think it is. The plot twist about the girl in the building was very very easily predictable right from the start, and the messaging throughout the movie just seemed confused to me.

Spoilers below…

I mean it’s a story about how an already mentally ill person could go completely off the rails if an extremely unlikely series of events happens in a very short space of time (gets beaten up, loses his job, gets beaten up again, gets humiliated on television, goes off medication, accidentally starts a social movement, mother ends up in hospital, mother exposed as a liar, learns he is adopted, randomly invited on his favourite television show etc etc). And that makes sense I guess, but is that story that much of a revelation? That an already mentally ill person could go loopy if a bunch of terrible things happened to him all at once? I don’t really think so.

I liked it, don’t get me wrong, but the talk of it being a masterpiece is miles off IMO

Oh, So it’s like Falling Down with funny make-up?

I haven’t seen it (not a huge fan of the genre so I don’t rush out to see them), but id have thought the full stop on the Joker was provided by Ledger. Phoenix must be damn impressive if he’s anywhere near the level. Which I can kinda envisage, he’s a weird unit anyway.

Please edit and engage spoiler mode. There are plenty of Blitzers who haven’t seen it yet, myself included.

I don’t know how to do spoiler tags - I’ve identified it as a spoiler though

Neither do l. It has been explained how to do it, somewhere in here.

Click on options, last symbol on the right. Will bring up spoiler tags.

Does it work?

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Hard to tell, it’s all blurry.


I was deciding if I needed new glasses or should quit drinking.

I’m not convinced he was better actually, or even equal. It’s a very very different role he’s playing, despite the fact that the character has the same name. For me I actually found the Ledger version more disturbing as the character is more intelligent/focused.

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Two totally different movies and characters.

You may as well compare the steps scene with the batusi

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