At the movies


I imagine it will go up on iview CJ. Can u get into that?

If Geoblocked via VPN maybe?

O/wise I’ll snattch it & put it up somewhere, if I can’t find it elsewhere.



zimmer is great and he strikes a good chord with nolan films, be he’s nowhere near john williams imo, you can recall an entire movie, scene by scene with williams’ scores, zimmer is great at creating general atmosphere but nowhere near as evocative as williams, and dont think his scores are even close to being as generally memorable as williams.


Always think of Ennio Morricone, makes scores so good for films i hate that even the music gets stuck in my head.

plus once upon a time in america is a classic.


I’m a fan of Alan Silvestri; he will be writing the score for Stephen Spelberg’s next movies instead of John Williams.


Giorgio Moroder scores the one’s that come to mind, stupidly over the top 70’s/80’s bad ■■■ sleaze. Set the tone for a lot of 80’s film scores, the montages.

Cheesy n sleazy.


i used to listen to Mancini and Mantovani when I was…eh…six to ten.


The best score ever


A personal favourite. Still get goosebumps, just like the first time I saw it 20 years ago.


Some of the best scorers in film i reckon are:

Hans Zimmer who did
Pirates of the Carribean
The Dark Knight Trilogy
Crimson Tide

Thomas Newman
Road to Perdition
American Beauty
Shawshank Redemption
Finding Nemo

John Williams
Indiana Jones
Star Wars
Jurassic Park

Howard Shore
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Silence of the lambs

John Murphy
Sunshine (adagio in D Minor is awesome)


Just rewatched Cloud Atlas. Stands up. Enjoyed it more second time around


Saw atomic blonde today.

Very enjoyable with not much substance. as far as action spy movies go an 8/10 for me.


Watched this the other night.

I fkn hate this country now.


Good call on Crimson Tide. Amazing score


Zimmer’s Man of Steel OST is my favourite of his.


It really is very good.
Shame about the film.


l thought it was an amazing piece of film making at the time. One of those films that can stand independently of the book, and be every bit as good.


Hans Zimmers best is The Thin Red Line

followed by Gladiator

Some top tracks

Johns Williams - Saving Private Ryan - Hymn to the Fallen
James Newton Howard - The Village - The Gravel Road
Craig Armstrong - Elizabeth: The Golden Age - Storm
James Horner - The New World - Pocahontas & Smith
James Horner - Glory - Preparations For Battle
Randy Edelman and Trevor Jones - The Last Of The Mohicans - The Kiss


My favourite soundtracks are: Star Wars, Rocky, and the Godfather.


I saw Suicide Squad last night. What a piece of garbage. Barely a semblance of a plot. Dialogue was terrible. Soundtrack had some good songs but many felt shoehorned into the movie. There was no character development and Leto seemed to be trying to outdo Jesse Eisenberg’s appalling performance in Batman v Superman. Vying for the title of worst comic book movie (and there’s a few contenders there).