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It’s too boring for anyone other than die hard fans


It’s probably against the grain but I wasn’t that impressed by Blade Runner. There was some fantastic scenes oozing with atmosphere. Sound and visuals were amazing.

But it was boring and had zero sci-fi. It’s one of the greatest source materials ever, robot vs human, what is consciousness, what is it to be human. The sequel doesn’t explore this at all, it’s reduced to, robots should have rights and robots might be “born” which is frankly stupid. It’s on the same level as phantom menace immaculate conception and midi chlorine stupid.

If they had have put some meat on the bones, rather than just style it could have been a classic.


You are


The original was a great movie. This one isn’t far behind it.


Are they still making Die Hard movies? Thought Bruce Willis would be past it by now.


I agree the original was great. However IMHO this one is boring and supremely pretentious, and in five years time people will still be watching Blade Runner, but nobody will be watching the sequel.


Agreed. I reckon it’s the role Rusty was actually given the Oscar for.

He was far more deserving of one for this, or for Beautiful Mind than he ever was for Gladiator IMO.


I think Rusty has probably been unlucky not to win three or four oscars.

L. A. Confidential was his breakthrough and then he had The Insider, Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind.

American Gangster is also probably the most under appreciated Gangster movies ever made.


Watch 8mm, Leaving Las Vegas, Raising Arizona, Matchstick Men, and especially, Adaptation. He was great in all of them.


Speaking of Rusty, rewatched Proof for the first time in about 15 years. A great, under appreciated film


Haven’t seen that for a while.

He rarely makes a bad film does rusty.


Is it possible that this movie and the latest sequel are both aimed at the demographic you were part of at the time of the original?


People will laugh but I thought he did a very good job in man of steel


Seen them all except for adaption and leaving Las Vegas- they seem a bit too depressing for me.

I’m pretty sure They are making another die hard film, I’m pretty sure it’s a prequel but Bruce Willis will be in parts of it. No idea how


It’s not the first movie that springs to mind when I think of Rusty😄

It’s a solid film though.


watched the firm with Tom Cruise. Generally i dislike Tom Cruise in movies, but found it pretty entertaining. Ed Harris and Gene Hackman always put in very watchable performances, and i reckon their parts probably spared the movie from being just meh, to quite enjoyable.


Raising Arizona and Adaptation were great.

Rock bottom for Cage is a draw between Ghost Rider and Gone in 60 seconds, or whatever it was called. There is a log jam at the bottom.

Tell you what though, depending on the day, I’d probably take the money and run as well.


Very probably.


Cage is atypical in Adaptation and it works as a result.