At the movies


After watching the movie Knowing with Cage I questioned how the hell I got to the credits.

Better off being in the dark and not having a clue.


Believe it or not but a great deal of Ghost Rider was filmed around Bacchus Marsh. Stages were setup on what was the old sewage works at the entrance to Town. Nicholas Cage was rumoured to be in Town at the time, but no-one actually saw him.


So more detailed Blade a runner review. I don’t know how to do spoiler tags.



The good: visuals unbelievable and made you feel like you were back in the first movie, soundtrack was ridiculously intense (made you think vangelis was back from the dead), super hot computer chick, Robin Wright.

Bad: Plot certainly wasnt as innovative or engaging or urgent as the first, Harrison Ford seems to play a grumpy recluse in every movie he’s in these days, Jared Leto, weird appearance of Replicant resistance group out of nowhere near the end. And if you’re going to cast someone for Ryan Gosling to realistically beat up why oh why would you cast one of the biggest strongest men on earth?

Still a good movie. It can’t be considered great like the original but it’s still a 1000mil art movie and I love that. They’ll also never make another one as it’s bombed at the box which is a shame.


Garden State - excellent movie about confronting an uncomfortable past and taking control of your life. Comedy/drama + great sound track!


Take Shelter, Michael Shannon. Brilliant movie that feels like horror/drama and tells a compelling story of a bloke troubled by “premonitions” (don’t want to give anything away).


Michael Shannon is such a good actor.

His turn in Nocturnal Animals was incredible.

Should be more well known than he is.


He was definitely the best part of that Superman movie. Big fan





Michael Shannon is pretty typecast though, I’d say. Definitely does not play the sort of person I could be friends with, all the way from Boardwalk Empire and Revolutionary Road.


Vampire’s Kiss, Deadfall and, The Wickerman are my Cage go to’s. Outstanding.


Also parts filmed at Etihad Stadium.


Lol. Not even close!


how is Face/Off not mentioned yet?

so bad its absolutely fantastic.


Face off is awesome. Plus it gave us the best Nic cage laughing gif


What do you think is his worst?


What’s the movie where he wins the lottery - and his wife scams him? That was ok, wasn’t it? Let me google…

ah here 'tis:
It Could Happen to You

Nah, it was ■■■■.


Revisited Enemy starring Jake Gyllenhaal lastnight and on second viewing I have a far greater appreciation.

An IMDb rating of 6.9 doesn’t really do it justice. A movie that will grow in reputation as time goes by.


Reindeer Games and Surviving Christmas. Festive season classics.


Die Hard is my favorite Christmas movie.


I loved that movie. Think about it all the time. Especially the final image.