At the movies


Yeah, apparently he’s a real prick.

Tommy Lee Jones has a bad rep also.


Apparently difficult is an understatement. A true ■■■■■■■


Tommy lee Jones just gives of the massive prick vibe though, so not suprised at all


He always plays grumpy bastards


What Women Want.




So did Harrison Ford for a long time(maybe he just hates doing interviews)- seems to of mellowed quite a lot in recent years.


He doesn’t seem to appreciate mentions of his human toothpick of a wife.


Sicario is Villanueva best film. fight me.



Having watched The Departed recently I thought I would watch Black Mass.

Not a fan of Depp so I have avoided this film but have to say it’s his best work since the first pirate film.

Thought the director did as much as he could with a terible script.



I’ve never daydreamed about other things while in a cinema more than I did during Justice League.


Really bad?
As in - don’t watch it?


Don’t pay to watch it. Not offensively bad like suicide squad but about as dull as any movie I’ve seen.


So pretty much the same as Batman v Superman then.


Harrison is responsible for one of the greatest one liners in an interview ever

Hit about 3:30 for the remark but the whole thing is worth a watch




I seen Justice League last night.
Definitely not a ground breaking movie by any stretch, but I thought was pretty fun.

I loved that the theme song from the Michael Keaton Batman movies, were played over the top of the Batman fight scenes.

I think Joss Whedon tidied the movie up a fair bit. Made it a bit lighter and more humor.


I played solitaire on my phone during that movie. Bleh.