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Except a composer can, you know, write and play the music.

At best he’s the big picture guy. Sfw.


Totally agree.


He could run the joint. Make decisions about what product to build and how it should be built and what it should be able to do and how it should do what it does and get those decisions right pretty much every single time. And then get the people who worked with him to do what he wanted the way he wanted and when he wanted.

He may well have been a total ■■■■ but he was a brilliant businessman, as good as any businessman there has ever been.


All fair points, though he failed more than he succeeded in the early days.

Regardless, and maybe this is just me, but being a great businessman isn’t the same as being a genius in my book.


He saw PARC’s version of the mouse and saw what it could be, and turned it (or had engineers and coders) into something more than useable, virtually indispensable.

He saw the potential of OO programming and GUI more than PARC did, and it’s now the cornerstone.

PARC tried to market PC’s on their version, but couldn’t sell them because they were cumbersome and useless.

He saw the potential for the iPhone when no-one else did, and it was copied by all and sundry. He didn’t create the bits and pieces - some of his competitors did - but he conceived of the totality in the way Marconi saw how 5 different pieces of technology could be combined to assemble the radio.

Yeah, he was an ■■■■■■■■ and a lot of people hated him, but they rode his coat-tails to fortunes too.

Funnily enough, he was diametrically opposed to creating a Windows version of iTunes (which wim would have appreciated), but it opened the iPod up to the many millions of owners of Windows machines.



Can they stop?


I loved Jurassic World, but this doesn’t look that great to be honest.


I did not.
And this pretty much sums up why.

I’ll concede that some of the complaints raised here seem to be about modern film-making of which JW is just an example, but I don’t think that makes them any less vaild.
And its point about the theme really annoyed me at the time.


I just went off the trailer and figured it was a remake so i didn’t bother. Was I wrong?


Man that trailer was ugh



I always thought it was the other way around, but rewatched Hot Fuzz the other day and it is better than I remember. Think I’ll rewatch Shaun, soon. TBH, I had completely forgotten about World’s End.


jurrasic world was absolutely atrocious. legitimately one of the most boring movies i have ever watched. no hyperbole, absolutely coma inducing.


Saw Justice League last night. It sucked.


I’m the same as you.

Because Shaun came first I always considered it better But Hot Fuzz is the superior film in my opinion.

Any film that has Bill Nighy in it is always going to be brilliant.


I don’t care what rotten tomatoes says (17%), I don’t care that Steven King is not a director and made the film coked out of his brain, Maximum Overdrive is a good film.
AC/DC, Emilio Estevez and Lisa Simpson.


I disagree.

I thought Hot Fuzz just overdid it. Shaun maintained that humour.


They are both great films.


Loving Vincent.’2016 10 / 10
Yes that Vincent! I first heard of this movie a few months ago on Facebook but didn’t think l would get the chance to see it anytime soon, especially not here in Chongqing, nor in Medan either, for that matter. l had also seen on Facebook a little clip using the paintings of Van Gogh, to tell a short story, but nothing l have ever seen is anything remotely like this. Then one of the young trainees told me that she went to see it last week, and l knew l had to act fast before it was taken off.
To say it will not be a commercial success is something of an understatement, reinforced by my being the only person in the entire theatre. Having the place all to myself, l settled into the best seat l could find. This movie is itself a work of art, and at the same time a work of love, made with the help of the Silesia Arts Council in Poland. Every image is hand painted, and at 24 frames per second that requires a lot of painters, around 100 it said in the introduction. Most of the paintings are done after the Van Gogh style, except when there is a flashback sequence to be told, which is usually done in sepia likes tones. It is simply gorgeous to watch, the images on the screen mesmerize, they draw you in and fascinate.
The film is based on a quest, to deliver a letter from Van Gogh to his brother and the action takes place one year after his death. The young man who is charged with delivering the letter is most reluctant at first, but as he uncovers more and more details about Van Gogh and the circumstances surrounding his suicide, he begins to change as well. He is on quest to find the real Vincent, to separate the myth from the man, and he takes us along with him. He reveals a complex character who wanted a simple life. From the final credits it appears to be based on actual characters and events, but we don’t know how much of the story is real and how much fiction. After a while it starts to take on the style of a mystery. Throughout the years people have debated whether or not Van Gogh really was crazy. The film walks around this issue for a while, but it is an interesting walk and the plot doesn’t leave much doubt. Highly recommended.