At the movies


With Disney buying Fox stuff (which includes the rights to X-Men, Fantastic 4, Deadpool, etc), does this mean we might finally start seeing decent quality films (except for Deadpool which was awesome) of those franchises now that they can go back under the Marvel’s universe?


Nothing can save fantastic 4


What’s left for Disney to buy?


The Hanger.


Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

All of which are now competing for the online streaming world and the control of that fast growing medium.

Which is why they are doing all this buying in the first place. Traditional TV is not a money maker, films and online is where the future (and even the now) is at. Disney will be launching their own online streaming next year apparently, so I imagine they could add a hell of lot more content which they own.


Had to be done. Top 5 sci-fi movies.

*not in order

Children of Men
Ex Machina
Blade Runner

Honorable mentions: Gattaca, Her, Under the Skin


Damn son, I’ll take that top five. Maybe swap Blade Runner for Starship Troopers.


I could have made it a top twenty and still struggled to fit them all in.

Sci-fi is an easy genre to mess up but when done right they can be masterpieces.

I revisited gattaca recently and that film is still relevant and interesting.


Event Horizon, Battlefield Earth



Sadly the recent incarnations of Alien (Prometheus, Covenant) can be added to that list along with numerous other sci-fi movies.


I didn’t mind Prometheus and thought it might lead in an exciting direction. Covenant blew that thought right out of the water.


As with most Ridley Scott movies they looked amazing.

The scripts unfortunately were riddled with mistakes.


Would Sunshine make the top 20?



Haven’t seen it for a while but enjoyed it when I first watched it.


I preferred Moon.


Moon is excellent.


love that movie. Just crazy but it works. Some very good action scenes too.



I reckon Looper is a bit overrated. And I’m a blunt fan


I had a good nap watching Arrival

That good eh?


It’s a masterpiece.

One of the best films of the last 20 years.