At the movies


Underworld movies. But no guilt.


Elizabethtown…there’s something about Kirsten Dunst


Mulholland Falls…there’s something about Jennifer Connelly before she dropped 15 kg.


Not sure I have seen Elizebethtown.

Mulholland Falls is an ok movie though.

Lee Tamahori could never quite live up to the standard he created with Once Were Warriors though.

It’s arguable that only Cliff Curtis that has elevated his game since. Such an underrated actor.




Lol, I’m beginning to think you are actually the governator


Not yet. Was a BR copy.


Zombies Zombies Zombies

I’d post the trailer, but…you know…


Had to look it up.

I think you have won the prize. Looks positively terrible😄


It is amazingly bad/good.
The sort of thing QT was trying to do with grindcore.


No Bluray releases for these yet. Had to settle for DVD copies.


Annaconda is now on Netflix. J-Lo when she was thiccc. :heart_eyes:


Yep, another of my favs.


Went to see all the money in the world last night, ok pretty slow going at times. Plummer is amazing in it- you just want to reach through the screen and punch him out

Watched the new King Arthur…just awful. How does Charlie hunnam keep on getting acting gigs? Such a poor actor


Jon Voight is the highlight for me. As much as I love J Lo, Voight steals that movie 100%


Jon Voight

also anyone know when this movie is releasing?

based on this short film


Just watched IT

Not scary so don’t know what the big deal was. Kid with the Glasses was hilarious.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

One of my favourite actors being Sam Rockwell, I had to see this movie. Woody Harrelson & Frances Dormand (Fargo) also star - and these three put on a fine performance in what ended up being a bit of a disappointing movie. Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) also featured.
Unusually paced, quirky, multi-dimensional characters and black humour make this worth watching, but perhaps not on the big screen. Story centers around a mother seeking justice for a crime against her daughter, but spits and sputters it’s way through several half-made secondary trails.

Probably my biggest gripe (ok, my 2nd biggest) is the way Harrelson is matched with a 25-ish wife. He is 56, ffs. And the accompanying sexual innuendo was a little squirmy. I wish this would stop happening.



I saw Darkest Hour at a preview on Wednesday.

Gary Oldman will probably win an Oscar as a reward for wearing all that makeup.

The film is a load of tripe.

I’ve now seen 3 films directed by Joe Wright: Pride and Prejudice, Atonement and this one. I don’t like any of them.


Atonement is awesome.

That beach scene alone was worth admission.


Must see this