At the movies


Just watched Brawl in Cell Block 99.

Excellent film.

Vince Vaughn like you’ve never seen him.


Random fact. But my wife and I were trying to figure out who or what our toddler son sounds like, then we realised he sounds like the aliens from Mars Attacks.


Have you seen True Detective, Season 2?


Yep, didn’t enjoy it.

I wasn’t convinced by either Vaughn or Farrell in the second season. The first season was always going to be difficult to beat though.

Have you seen this movie? Vaughn absolutely nailed it I reckon.


Agree with the first paragraph, and haven’t seen the film, though I will on your recommendation.


I highly recommend it.

It’s a different take on a familiar type of story.

*warning though it is brutal in its depiction of violence.


The Greatest Showman.

Second viewing for LMW and first for me. I should start by saying the audience clapped at the end of the movie, so my opinion is obviously not representative.
I should also perhaps put in the disclaimer that I love Moulin Rouge. Still.
But this movie left me absolutely cold. I was waiting for it to end.
To me it wasn’t so much a movie as one thing happening after another. If you were unlucky enough to see the theatre production of Jolson, it felt a little like that.
I don’t have any pc problems with the story. It’s not a documentary. It’s a musical, for Pete’s sake, so I find any criticisms even broadly about accuracy as very silly.
No, my problems are that the characters are ridiculously undercooked. Tom Thumb, the bearded lady, the dark-skinned trapeze artist, main-ish characters that are given the smallest amount of backstory or none at all.
What is supposed to be a big moment late in the film, about equality and not letting others tell you how to live your life and so on, came off as completely unbelievable and more than a little tacky. It’s supposed to be…a great love overcoming prejudice. I felt like the guy could have left her in half an hours time without any problem at all.
And Barnum…very early in the film there’s a big deal made of how it’s all for his kids and that’s reinforced throughout.
His wife leaves him and takes the kids…and you don’t even find out that she’s taking the kids unti you see them in her parents house. And Barnum? Doesn’t seem too…well, not too…at all bothered by that.
The whole thing feels emotionally shallow.
Jackman in the role is…okay? He certainly doesn’t display any of the charisma you’d think necessary for the role. He’s just…nice. Driven, certainly, occasionally…insensitive, but mostly just nice.
The dance scenes are good. Particularly the barroom deal scene.
For the chorie.


Musicals are generally ■■■■■. and hollywood self wank ones the worst.


Saw The Post last night. Thought it was really good. Hanks and Streep with on screen chemistry works a treat.


Watched Passengers tonight.

Movie was good. The ending was a bit meh. Hard to decide if it was happy or sad…


Watched it tonight. Thought it was ok. Not fantastic. But then l thought suicide squad was ok (just ok) as well.




I’m cool with that. I think Affleck did a good job in BVS, but his character was handled so poorly in justice league( how it was written and acted) that its best for a change.


Affleck was ■■■■■■■ trash worst batman ever.


Worse than Clooney?


on Netflix. Very entertaining:


I blame “Style over Substance” directors like Ayer and Snyder for the new Batman film and that Suicide Squad abomination.

I have noticed the new Suicide Squad film has Gavin O’Connor at the helm and I expect he will do a far better job.


Afflecks one of the worst a-list actors ever. only good in gone girl when his wife headfucked him so he could stay in his natural stunned mullet facial expression for the whole movie.

and the town here he plays a dero bostoner.


Nobody is worse than Clooney as Batman,NOBODY