At the movies


I see your Affleck and raise you Uma Thurman and Nicole Kidman


Afflecks biggest flaw was his choice of movies.

When his star was on the rise he made some stupid choices in an attempt to gain even more fame.

Since then he has turned to directing and only starring in smaller films. Its no surprise that Batman failed because its a return for him to movies that lack substance.

The Accountant, Gone Girl, The Town, Argo, State of Play and Hollywoodland have all been good films with solid performances in my opinion.


The Accountant was a supremely boring movie


I liked it, but I like Anna Kendrick…just not enough to watch that Pitch Perfect tripe.


Don’t mind Affleck. Directs quality movies as well.


Argo is a good movie, but agree that overall Affleck is trash.


There was rumours he was going to be Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight I think. Or was it Spiderman?


I’m with ya on this one.
No doubt you’ve seen ‘Up in the Air’ ?
You get Kendrick & Vera Farmiga :heart_eyes:


Do you honestly think Jake will play a better Batman?


Can play a creepy ■■■■. maybe thats what batman needs.


I cannot see any actor doing the role justice after Michael Keaton and Christian Bale nailed it.

Can we get Bale back?


just shelf superhero movies. move onto something different.


Watched half of Kingsmen II.
Decided it wasn’t meant for me.
Which is a pity because I freaking adore Julianne Moore.
The church scene from the first movie was a bit of a warning sign. But the dialogue is great and Firth is awesome…I honestly thought I’d enjoy the next one.

But, as I said, I think it’s aimed at someone thirty years younger than me.
The set pieces are still great, the driving, the fighting.
And I get that they want to make a cooler Bond franchise, and…that’s kind of an honourable goal.

I guess I’d just rather they took their excess to different places.


There was a very good movie trapped inside of that movie


Yeah Kingsmen II was about the 100th movie in a row that was 30 min too long. I’m so over 2hr+ movies.


Nah he is said he is done with it. They supposedly offered him 40-50mil to return years ago but he said no. Said he wouldn’t do it without Nolan

Affleck is definitely a better director than actor. Gone baby gone, The Town and Argo are all quality


Too much money to be made from comic fans.

They have so many in the pipeline…

Avengers 2 part 1- 2018 (YES!)
Black Panther- 2018 (Meh)
Ant Man 2 - 2018 (Meh)
Aquaman- 2018 (Yuck!)
Deadpool 2 - 2018 (HECK YES)
X-Men: Dark Phoenix - 2019 (die already)
Hellboy - 2019 reboot (Should have just given up)
The New Mutants - 2019 (too early to decide)
CaptainMarvel - 2019
Shazam - 2019
Avengers Infinity war part 2 -2019


At one stage he was going to replace Maguire as Spider-Man.

Apperently Maguire got injured filming Seasbiscuit but recovered in time to continue with Spider-Man.


All I know for certain is that WB/DC sucks, except for their animated movies.


Their tv ads are freakin’ awesome.