At the movies


Watched a couple of Movies this weekend

A Star is Born - 10/10 Will watch again, just well done and great music with a sad ending. Both Cooper and Gaga are great and all the big rock scenes are awesome.
Cooper said he spent time with Eddie Vedder leading up to his role and it shows. All I was thinking was Eddie. Andrew Dice-Clay in a different role as well as Sam Elliot…just great.

The Predator - 7/10 Solid entertainment, shot by Shane Black. A lot of throw backs to the Arnie movie with 1 liners. Good comedy as well. Loved it more than Predators.

Cant say enough about A Star is Born.


Thought you meant the original first up.

Didn’t even know that done a re make.


Is this the third… or fourth?


Just started watching Waterworld on Netflix.

Forgotten just how bad that film was and have not switched it off.

What was Costner thinking.


This would be the 4th version!


Probably his “I should have screwed Whitney before she got on the devils dandruff” phase.


Has Kevin Costner been in any good movies?


Silverado was ok, iirc?

Dancing with Wolves - my dad’s favourite movie, was good, i thought - though it has an equal amount of detractors.


The premise was silly from the outset, … set well into the future, and everyone desperate enough for a little soil to grow food, that they’d kill for it.

Like hydroponics actually hadn’t been discovered yet?? Nup. no


I enjoyed JFK


The Tin Cup was horrible.
Bull Durham was good.
For theLove of theGame…not bad.


Field of Dreams was good.


the untouchables was a comedy right?


He had some grand ideas. Not all of them worked. But the ones that didn’t were expensive.


"you wanna come and fite meeee caponeeee??’


Better than good. It is a great film.
“If you build it, they will come.”


Untouchables is a favorite of mine. Though the supporting cast probably helps it and him a lot.


No Way Out was a good flick.
Long time ago now.

I don’t mind Costner / he seems to do sports movies a fair bit and I like sport.
Draft Day wouldn’t be regarded as a good movie I guess but it kept me entertained so I liked it.


gosh no, its terrible.

absolutely loved it.


Was he in any of the untouchables movies