At the movies


More cheese than a dodgey fondue party


Tin Cup was good. I love that ending.


Second a star is born. Just plays out, 2 1/2 hours over before you blink. I wouldn’t wish that sort of fame on my worst enemy.


Draft Day was very entertaining, I love watching the behind the scenes stuff in sports.The pressure those guys are under, especially over there would be massive

Waterworks is ok, not nearly as bad as everyone makes out. Great concept just not fully capatilized on

Robin Hood was ok

Untouchables is great

Bodyguard is good

Hidden figures was very good

Field of dreams sucked

Open range is underrated


Field of dreams is a classic



Bit all over the shop, steve McQueen really pushes some social issues, the plot and twists kind of make sense, some unnecessary character development and the film goes for a solid 15 minutes too long

Mixed bag, but I thought it could of been a kick ■■■ and take names with a lead female cast film.


Side note remember when 1.40 hour film was long?

Now the standard is around 2hrs plus

Seriously if you can’t tell the plot in an hour and a half you are doing something wrong


Finally an action action action movie.


Yeah, nah. Lisbeth is now able to hack basically anything in the world with just her phone, and the only thing she needs now to complete her outfit is a cape. The original Swedish movies had some grit and intelligence, this has been dumbed way, way down, to appeal to the lowest common denominators.


It depends. For some things one hour and half is too long. For others two hours isn’t nearly enough

I don’t see why there needs to be some standard length of time for a movie, let it be however long it needs to be. Imagine trying to condense The Godfather II down to an hour and a half.


Is the movie Alpha was any good?


Awww booo!


4 Danihers kicked


My wife went and watched A Star Is Born last week. She called me afterwards and could barely get a word out she was sobbing that much. Now she wants to take me but no way am I going to watch that in public. I’m a big softy so I’ll save it for home.


You’ll love it


Because you’re worried about what a bunch of strangers in a darkened room who are themselves focussed on the very thing that’s making you cry, will think of you? Go, cry, no-one gives a ■■■■


Crying man @ a cinema near you.
When’s the previews?


It’s not just a tear or 2 though. It’s the full blown sobbing. It all started with Mr. Percival many years ago. I blame that damn pelican. :laughing:


Ha same that pelican and the below horse



Thanks for reviving my childhood trauma