At the movies


I had a lump in the throat towards the end of Bohemian Rhapsody when Freddie and his dad embraced.

and I remember as a kid when Elsa the lioness was released into the wild in Born Free - I was a mess


I watched that again a couple of weeks ago. Same response. (Born Free I mean. Although similar for Freddie and his dad!)


I thought the last scene of The Bicycle Thieves was a bit like that, when you realised a decent man and his decent family were just being screwed by an unjust world.


l have had this sort of conversation with a few others over the years: What was the first movie that ever made you cry? For many of my generation it was a Disney dog movie, "Old Yeller,’ about a lab that saves a family from a rabid wolf. In the end Travis (Tommy Kirk) has to shoot the dog which is also infected with rabies. As a 6 or 7 year old l don’t mind admitting that l cried for a long time, huge sobs.


You ■■■■■■■. I cried for days after watching that!


Born free was a beauty.

The other couple that got me was the end of Charlotte’s Web (I was about 7 at the time I think.) and the Phar Lap miniseries. Animals seem to be the theme here.


Well blow me a tissue
Scene from Die Hard when Powell shoots the blonde haired freak coming back from the dead thus saving McClane.
Scene from Jerry Macguire you had me at hello.
Scene from 10 things I hate about you when she’s reading the poem.
Scene from warhorse…he never got a real race.


I also had a lump in the throat with Freddy and his Dad.


I think I struggled to watch that to the end, it was so tough to watch what was happening to him.

Big Night is another one. Fantastic food movie, but I have struggled to rewatch it (we have the DVD) because I know they are going to get screwed over. But I have to do it to see again the feast he prepares.


yep - some of the scenes in LIFE and PLANET EARTH are difficult. A solo young gazelle hunted down by a pack and eaten to death.


so pretty much like when a new poster comes on to blitz

i cried a lot during Wonder.


I don’t why it is, but sad moments in cartoon movies get me choked up a lot of the time. Regular movies not so much.

Think Lion King, Up, Toy Story etc.


the end of number 3 i teared up. When he was saying goodbye to them all and drove off. Still can’t believe they are doing a 4th considering how they perfectly ended the trilogy


Sponge bob movie, Garfield…


Homeward Bound. Boyz n the Hood.
Nothing else ever, though.
By which I mean pretty much everything.


Surely you would’ve been inconsolable in Red Dog then?!


the end of the movie Only the Brave


Life Is Beautiful


Dead Poets Society, gets me every time.

Edit: and The Green Mile


oh captain my captain…thankyou boys