At the movies


Strangely I was fine with that one.

Oh dear God. That was very, very tough. Almost tearing up now thinking about it. Roberto Benigni deserved 10 Oscars for that.


Sixth Sense. Scene with the boy and his mother in the car, at the end. Gets me every time.


Marley and me.

Animals gets me every time.


I thought Life is Beautiful was just saccharine tripe.


Don’t go near the book then


Don’t ■■■■ this up Disney. This was my childhood every Saturday morning (rotating with Aladdin)

Seriously, you can trash the franchises of Transformers, comics etc via movies. But not this

This looks crisp though!


It looks real good.
I wanna see Scar, though.


Seth Rogen as Pumbaa is perfect

Disney will print cash from this, like so much money

The merch, games, back catalog, theme parks

oh my


I just remembered…that fight over the stampede with real lions…
I’m gonna bawl.


I went on my first every date to this movie. I wore trackies. It didn’t last. Plus the fact I couldn’t get it up.

I did like the movie though. Still do.


Aladdin and the fox and the hound were my jam.


Just watched suburbicon, with out looking at critical review etc.
I thought it was ■■■■■■ awesome. Had a bit of everything and it wasn’t till the credits I saw coens involved and Clooney in the directors seat.
Got mixed to poor reviews on the weighted average for imbn or whatever it is. Bunch of idiots out there.
4.5 spuds for me.


I thought it was pretty ham-fisted and ordinary.


If you didn’t cry in the first ten minutes of Up then I genuinely don’t want to know you.


I was medicated for a throbbing bitumen inflicted injury at the time


Quantum of Solace is not as bad a bond movie as many say. Direction is a bit all over the shop, but it’s fkg better than the last two that have been released.


While we’re on Bond movies you like that everyone else hates: Tomorrow Never Dies. I loved it. Everything that you wanted from a Bond movie (of that era). Corny jokes, cool gadgets, hot women, and the Rupert Murdoch bad guy gets munched by a tunnel digger shredder thing at the end. Underrated




Bond probably also shoots a guy and says ‘nice making your dead acquaintance’ or something. I assume


That villain was Jonathon Pryce, aka the High Sparrow from GOT, who first rose to prominence in the magnificent Brazil. l gave on the Bond movies for a long time. They lost interest for me once Roger Moore was cast as Bond. There was no sense of menace with him as Bond, which is why they turned up the humour quotient. The plots became so thin that they spent the first half hour finishing a villain from a previous story. Daniel Craig brought back the darker side of Bond, and kindled my interest in the character once more.